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Khadim Bâ and the Locafrique company at the service of Senegalese Health

At this point in time, Senegal can count on a population of entrepreneurs, often very young, who do not hesitate to invest in all areas, at the service of their fellow citizens. For the most daring professionals, energy, economy, and health remains major concerns. Khadim Bâ, for example, recently demonstrated his generosity by making a donation to the Philipe Maguilène Senghor Hospital.
Who is Khadim Bâ and is his link with Locafrique?
In order to understand Khadim Bâ's personal and professional career, it is necessary to go back to his family origins. Indeed, the young man grew up in the early 1980s in a family of entrepreneurs and investors. In a very personal blog post, he says: "I have always belonged to a family of builders, passionate about creation [...] This very stimulating environment has always been a driving force, allowing me to spark my own creativity". From an early age, Khadim Bâ was given responsibility by his grandfather, Idrissa Gueye, who regularly took him to the Kaolack Chamber of Commerce.
Afterward, the young man flew to Paris and then to Quebec, where he studied business administration. He specialized early on in the field of hydrocarbons, keeping in mind the idea to one day return to Senegal to fully participate in the economic development of his country. Back home in 2005, and at the age of only 23, he took over the management of Carrefour automobiles, one of the most important companies in Senegal.
But it is really through the Locafrique company that the young man will begin a decisive rise in the field of energy. In August 2017, he enters the capital of what is then the oldest refining company in the country.
Heavily indebted and faced with major governance problems, the company is nonetheless recovering thanks to the redoubled efforts of Khadim Bâ. Today, the company is recognized in Senegal as a "pioneer in the leasing business and in the implementation of wealth-generating projects".
Early success and investment project development
Khadim Bâ's significant success in the oil industry has enabled him to develop investment projects, as well as more personal initiatives. He took direct action with the Senegalese population, distributing not only food but also financial resources up to USD$1,500,000, or the equivalent of €1,250,000. Afterward, he would also help supply the African Union’s fund intended to tackle the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic more efficiently. This resulted in a donation of US$500,000—almost €416,000.
The year 2021 is the year which witnessed the 38-year-old entrepreneur addressing health issues and even more precisely available infrastructure quality. As a result, he gathered donations for the Philipe Maguilène Senghor Hospital Center, which recently opened a clinic dedicated to diabetes and blood pressure. From April onwards, the healthcare professionals from the Center were able to receive what they had been sorely lacking until then, namely office furniture, computer equipment, and medical equipment.
Staple equipment
Locafrique's Marketing and Communication Manager, Khardiata DRAME, attests to the company's intentions and ambitions in these terms: “Locafrique’s gesture in favor of the Centre is an extension of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, which is itself inspired by our strategic transformation plan called “Horizon 2023”. It should be remembered as a matter of fact that Locafrique has been aiming to reassert its position as a privileged financial partner of SMEs since 2018.
The material inputs of companies like Locafrique are always greatly esteemed, especially within Senegal's main city. Doctor Abdou Karim DIOP, Chief Medical Officer of the Dakar West District, would like to salute this as "a fine action, which will make it easier for health professionals to accomplish their mission". The expenses incurred by health centres are quite colossal indeed and are difficult to absorb according to the confession of El Hadj Mamadou Niang, coordinator of the hospital’s health development committee.
The diversification of Locafrique's activities is therefore fully underway, in the form of this new initiative to serve the Senegalese population. Based on what we learn from Ms. DRAME, the company, specialist in leasing and assisting medium-sized firms, is more than ever keen to "include health among the six priority areas for the development of appropriate financing mechanisms".
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