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Logistics by Air: Sometimes You Just Need a Plane

Your customers want a great event that runs smoothly and creates lasting memories. You want your large-scale event cargo and critical team members transported quickly, safely and on time.

One of the best modes of transport to accomplish your goals is through air charters. Shipping crucial event equipment and expert team members via air becomes that much more critical when events happen internationally.

An expert logistics provider can help with moving both your precious cargo (through air cargo charters) and your expert teams (through passenger air charters) securely, efficiently and without unnecessary delay or hassle.

In fact, sometimes, a plane is just what you need.

Benefits of Air Cargo Charters

There are numerous benefits to working with a logistics provider and utilizing air cargo charters to move your equipment from point A to point B.

Some of the top benefits of air transport include:

  • Speed: The main reason companies choose to go with air cargo charters over ground or sea transport is speed. Air charters allows for the fastest shipping times, which can be critical for certain time-sensitive cargo or for any transports that must happen quickly. Some cargo flights can even happen same-day, and a freight provider with access can typically help in making this same-day shipping happen when a customer requests it.
  • Wide Availability: Nearly all locations can be reached by air, which provides flexibility and wide access around the globe. Even more rural or remote locations usually have smaller airports that can receive small-sized aircraft.
  • Visibility through Tracking: Air-freight providers almost always offer web-based tracking, so customers can see where a plane carrying their cargo is at any given time.
  • Safeguards: There are tight regulations surrounding air freight, which benefits those looking to move their cargo by air. These strict screenings and requirements ensure a high level of safety and security for cargo and reduces the risk of any potential damage, missing freight or theft. Many providers also have their own layers of safety protocols and standards around air freight, even beyond what governmental bodies dictate.
  • Capacity: Cargo planes come in a wide variety of sizes and load capacities, which allows those shipping their equipment via air to have flexibility in securing a plane with the right capacity level to meet their needs.

Rock-it Global as an Air Partner

Rock-it Global can assist with both air cargo charters and passenger air charters, meeting all your company’s air-transport needs.

When the best solution for your freight is to book a charter plan, we have you covered. Our experienced teams will find and then book the right plane to cover all your shipping needs, and we’ll make sure that plane arrives to the correct destination safely and on schedule.

Rock-it Global doesn’t just transport cargo, however. We can also handle the most precious cargo of all – people. With a network that allows us to tap into nearly every private plane in the skies today, we can make it easy to book and then schedule the right aircraft to ship your expert teams. No matter whether you have six people or 600 people that need to arrive on time to your event’s destination, our charter agents will find the perfect plane for your crew, getting them to their destination in a fast, safe, comfortable and cost-effective manner.

We can also work closely with our sister company GCL Jets to secure charter jets for teams that must be there to receive and assist with cargo.

If you need logistical and transportation support in the skies, we’re here to help.

Rock-it Global is an international network of logistics specialists helping leaders across many different industries and specializing in large-scale events. We take pride in helping you bring your creative vision to life through meaningful events and memories that last.

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