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How To Maximize Crypto Returns according to Yuanpay Team

Have you ever wondered how to increase your crypto profits? Well, here are some tips from YuanPay Team – China’s government backed crypto trading on how to do so.


Cryptocurrency: Who Should Invest?


Cryptocurrency does not have a tangible or physical form. It exists solely within the virtual world through the use of computer networks, cryptography, and blockchain technology. The future's digital currency is an outstanding investment vehicle for all different kinds of investors. It is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio by making investments in very different sectors of the economy. Ambitious investors who are looking to make big gains are very attracted to the highly volatile crypto markets. The time to avoid cryptocurrency is long past. It is time now to embrace it and mastering the bitcoin trading game can be quite profitable.


Way To Make Money With Cryptocurrency Arbitrage


Investing in cryptocurrency with YuanPay Team for example provides excellent ways to earn money. Using arbitrage is one of the more obvious ways. It involves purchasing and selling assets on various marketplaces to earn a profit on the differences in prices. There is a lot of opportunity to arbitrage with crypto-assets since each of the exchanges will have a different price on altcoins that are based on their own specific supply and demand. Trading on the crypto exchanges opens up an opportunity to purchase altcoins at a lower price and then selling them on a different exchange at a higher price.


Trading Pairs


Having the flexibility to trade cryptocurrency against other cryptocurrencies is novel when compared to other types of investment markets. Trading pairs, when used strategically, can enhance an investor's buying power. Let's look at an example of trading the BTC/LTC pair. We will assume there is BTC inside your wallet and you have cash and you would like to obtain LTC. One obvious method that could be employed is to use USD or other fiat money to purchase Litecoin directly. However, a smart way would be using a BTC/LTC trading pair in a crypto-to-crypto trade. This can be a very profitable strategy. Imagine that Bitcoin's value in USD increases by 10% but LTC's value remains the same. In this situation, if you use Bitcoins to buy LTC instead of using USD - then you will be in the position to purchase 10% more than you would through a direct dollar trade. Therefore your investment buying power is increased when trading pairs are used as opposed to using bitcoin exchange rates.




It is well-known that Bitcoins are very volatile. Although for most people this poses risk, some aggressive investors love operating in the speculative grey zone. An entire world of opportunities is opened up by its unpredictable nature. There are various ways that professional investors can profit from this volatility. Day trading can bring quick gains, while the greater fool theory might be rewarded by being patient. Based on past trends, it can potentially be a bankable risk, remembering the skyrocketing bitcoin prices that occurred in 2017, which brought huge fortunes to those investors who hung in and then bailed out before the bubble burst.


Direct P2P Transactions


It is possible to profitably used to help business transactions. Most of these transactions occur via a bank that acts as a trusted third party. But as the mediator, the banks charge processing fees on their services. However, cryptocurrency can facilitate direct P2P transfers between parties, which eliminates the need for having a trusted third party along with the additional charges associated with this service. Both small and large businesses can use it as a cost-saving measure that processes huge numbers of transactions on a daily basis as part of its regular operations.



Balancing Investment Risk


Cryptocurrency can also be used to balance an investor's portfolio to minimize risk. This is another smart method to take advantage of the investment benefits offered by cryptocurrency. Diversifying investments within an insulated marketplace can provide some cushion from well-known risks of real estate, equity, shares, and the light. When used with the proper understanding of the cryptomarket's fundamentals and trends, it can be one of the most profitalbe and best investment decisions that can be made.


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