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How To Make A Second Life Business

If you love the Second Life experience and you want to take it even further, have you considered starting a Second Life business? Not only can this be extremely lucrative and fun, it can also help you in your first life with a ‘real’ business – the concepts are very similar, after all. If the idea appeals and you want to make your first million Linden dollars, then here are some ways to get started.
Choose The Right Business
The choices when it comes to which business to start in Second Life are almost limitless, but that doesn’t mean you should pick something about which you know nothing. Instead, it’s far better to choose something that you know at least a little about. You need to know how to do the work that comes with the business, and that could include being a leader, interacting socially, or having technical or artistic skills amongst other things. You also need to make sure there aren’t too many other similar businesses around. If they are already established, it will be difficult to persuade people to come to you instead of their old favorite store. Perhaps most importantly you will need to find something that doesn’t require too much of your time. You may only have a few hours a week to dedicate to it.
Know Who Your Customers Are
In order to strategize and market correctly, you need to know who you are selling your product or services to. It’s unlikely that you’ll have something that appeals to everyone which means you’ll need to narrow down the pool of potential customers. Far from being a problem, this can actually help you to become more successful because you can really focus your efforts on persuading these particular groups to spend their Linden dollars with you and not someone else. Once you know who you are selling to, everything else such as marketing, branding, or product details will be much easier to envision.
Get Testimonials And Reviews
Although marketing and branding are essential for any new business, it’s word of mouth that comes from testimonials and reviews that really counts. Therefore it’s a good idea to try to ensure your customers help you out by giving you these things. Think of all the times you use them in real life and how useful they are. You wouldn’t just buy pills to make dick bigger and stronger or a used car or even a piece of tech equipment without checking out the reviews first, just in case you were wasting your money. Good reviews and testimonials can be your very best form of marketing – and they’re free.
Make Things Easy
Your customers may not have much time to hang around in your Second Life store and work out how to buy things. Like you, they may only have a limited number of hours, even minutes, to play their Second Life game which means you need to make things as easy and quick as possible for them. Make sure that as soon as they walk into your store they can find what they want and checkout without any fuss or confusion. They are much more likely to return if that’s the case.

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