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Harper Chalice now integrates with ISM Genesys PSIM.

Harper Chalice are pleased to announce that our range of Perimeter Security System are now able to fully integrate with the Genesys Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), manufactured by Integrated Security Manufacturing Systems (ISM).


Genesys is the culmination of thousands of man-hours, engineering excellence and patent approved application. Genesys is a fully integrated Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system capable of integrating multiple solutions. Interoperability is enabled from one holistic platform. Genesys encompasses high levels of functionality, exceptional ease of use, graceful redundancy and advanced alarm handling.


The Genesys system works on a network of Windows 7 or 10 compatible PC workstation (s). These have overall control of all electronic security systems installed at each site.


The Genesys System integrates Harper Chalice’s network system, SecureBus. The integration allows for centralised monitoring and control all of the perimeter intrusion detection systems in our range.


The SecureBus network not only provides complete control and monitoring of the systems in the field but also provides live system feedback and the ability to adjust alarm settings and thresholds. This provides better management of the overall security systems as well as help reducing maintenance costs through proactive management of the systems.


Harper Chalice Managing Director Chris Hackett said “This integration is another example of the developments we are making to our systems. We are moving forward with integration partnerships to provide our customers with improved functionality and system performance”


Chris added “Understanding that our clients have to consider not only capital cost of the systems but also the full life costs, we are continually looking at ways to minimise these costs while also increasing the value added in our overall solutions”


Stephen Smith, ISM Managing Director commented “We are very pleased to add Harper Chalice integration into our Genesys integrated security management platform, allowing high levels of integration and control from this excellent technology. It has been a pleasure working with Chris and his team to provide a comprehensive integration, it is always refreshing when the protocol is well documented and offers high levels of control to provide the user with an excellent and comprehensive experience”


Both Harper Chalice and ISM are excited about the opportunities this joint development provides both companies in the future.

For more information on the Harper Chalice range of systems please visit

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