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Guide to online slots: Everything you need to know before you start betting

So you’ve decided to get into the world of online slot gaming but you don’t know enough to proceed is that it? Worry not, everyone had to start off somewhere — all you require is a gentle push in the right direction, the same kind of push we had when we just say started spinning for the first time! This guide should tell you everything you need to know when you play new online slots and more — before you know it you’ll be raking the cash in! 
Hopefully by the end of this article you are a lot wiser in how you approach some of the industries finest gaming titles! NetEnt, Microgaming, Blueprint Gaming and Yggdrasil Gaming are working around the clock to bring you some of the most imaginative slots possible right now, so it would be a real shame if you never played them for yourself. 

The Basics of online slots

Online slots work in the exact same way standard slots used to back in the day, the only difference is they tend to have a few more bonuses and added gameplay elements that separate them from the static machines you might find in an actual real world casino. It can be difficult to transition from one to the other, but with practice comes familiarity, so if you are one of the old guard, try not to be deterred from going digital! 
Slot machines can be rather intimidating at first what with all the buttons and colours stood in front of you. Modern online slots tend to have all the bells and whistles compared to machines that only required a single coin to kick things off! To play a modern slot all you have to do is click on the arrow keys you see on the edge of the screen — hitting the right arrow will increase the bet and the left side will decrease it. 
Once you are happy with the amount presented, all you have to do then is hit spin and watch as the game takes on a life of its own. On older slot machines the more coins you put into a machine, the more reels you’d play, whereas the more money you bet in an online slot the more money you’ll ultimately make. 
To trigger a win in an online slot all you have to do is match as few as three symbols in a line, it’s that simple. Some slots out there will have more reels for you to contend with, but this shouldn’t be an issue at all, as we find paylines are slightly more complicated in comparison. The layout of a slot is important for obvious reasons, you’ll no doubt have your favourites once you’ve started spinning without stabilisers. 
Every slot — unless you’re playing a cluster slot or something experimental like that — will operate the same way in that icons are sorted from the left to the right of the screen. In cluster slots, icons can be matched both horizontally and vertically, thus making it easier to create successful combinations, however, if you are someone new to this world, we recommend you start off small and work your way up, or risk losing cash. 
Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses 
If you are the sort of player who spins to win big then you will no doubt want to take advantage of the various bonuses outlined for you in certain titles. Bonuses exist outside of standard gameplay and will all affect how you approach each slot outright. Those who spin frequently will always find bonuses a lot more often than those who play recreationally. Here are some of the most common of bonuses/features you’ll find in the world of online slots: 
Wild Bonus: One of the most common of all bonuses, the wild will substitute most of what you see on the reels in one rotation without warning, replacing every icon with a scatter, or in some very rare cases, a series of free spins. Wilds will sometimes appear on the reels with the actual word ‘wild’ written on them, thus making them a hell of a lot easier to spot during the run of standard gameplay. 
Scatter Bonus: As mentioned above, scatters are unlocked whenever you match the wild symbols right off the bat — although in some cases you will find a few scatters just sitting on the reels. Scatters are unique in that they will be your ticket to the free spins bonus! Scatters are incredibly versatile and can come when you least expect it. The number of scatters you match will impact the number of free spins one earns, keep that in mind. 
Free Spins Bonus: Hands down the best and most consistent way of coming out on top in any online slot machine! Free spins offer multipliers, the kind that will increase your scores tenfold if you can take advantage of them often enough! Free spins will sometimes unlock mini-games depending on the slot you’re playing outright! 
Expanding Symbols Bonus: Expanding symbols are a lot newer to the slots you’ll play when compared to the other bonuses we’ve mentioned here already. Not only are standard symbols subject to expand when triggered, but in some circumstances you can actually find expanding wilds! Expanded symbols often net you a higher score for matching them — it certainly helps that they’re easier to match too! 
Autoplay Mode: It isn’t a bonus per-say, but top beginners an autoplay mode could come in handy when you decide to spin for yourself! Autoplay essentially passes off the controls to the computer of the slot you’re spinning, allowing you to take a quick break without missing a beat as far as money is concerned as all earnings still go to you no matter what! This is a feature that can be stopped or started at any time too, making it perfect to get a lay of the land too!

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