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Getting Around London on Business: What Are Your Options?

London is a bustling city with loads of people, cars, and buses everywhere you turn. So how can you get around the city easily, especially when you're there for business and you don't have much time to waste while you're moving from one place to another trying to get things done?

Public Transport

An easy way to get around London without having to drive is through public transport via buses and the London Tube, or the underground rail network. There are 12 Tube lines, an interconnected train network, and the Docklands Light Railway, and underground trains operate every day of the week, though there are fewer operating hours on Sunday.  Plus, London's buses are quick, easy, and affordable, providing you with plenty of sightseeing opportunities too.

Use Apps to Get Around During Tube Strikes

In the past, Londoners have had to deal with annoying tube strikes, and there's no telling whether or not the same will happen again. Thankfully, there are apps you can download onto your smartphone so you can be prepared to deal with a strike if it happens while you're in town. In this way, you won't have to deal with delays and you can find your way around easily.

Below are a couple of the top apps that are most highly recommended:

Citymapper:  This is a must-have app and one of the most useful apps for your smartphone. Basically, you can set a starting point and your destination to let the app give you a range of methods to get to where you need to go. Options include cycling and walking routes, as well as buses and taxis. You can even access the weather that you'll encounter during your journey, and the app can also calculate how many calories will be burned while en route to your destination.

Google Maps:  A really reliable app for getting around London is Google Maps. This free app is updated often and provides quick and easy ways to find your way throughout the city. You can also access public transport directions, which can even be tweaked so you can choose tube alternatives during a strike.

Reserve Your Parking Spots

If you don't like using or relying upon public transport, you can certainly drive your own vehicle through London. But because the city is always going at full speed and there are so many people to contend with, especially when it comes to finding a great parking spot, you should look into reserving your parking spots through companies like Whether you need to reserve a spot for a few hours, an entire day, or for a few days at a time, this convenient service will allow you to save time and effort so you can focus on what really needs to get done rather than on driving around finding a place to park your car.  And of course don’t forget, there’s always Uber if you prefer car travel but don’t have a car.

Making your way through London isn't always easy or pretty, but with the right apps, with a reserved parking spot, and with the right preparation, you can get to where you need to be in no time.

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