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Five Beauty Treatments You Can Fit Into a 60 Minute Lunch Hour

If, like most busy working women you find it hard to find the time to book in for beauty treatments, why not consider using your lunch hour to get some of the procedures that you’d like done. From massages to eyebrow threading and waxing, there are a number of beauty treatments that you’ll be able to have done whilst you’re on your lunch break without having to skip lunch either. We’ve put together some of the best – and quickest – beauty treatments that you can book in for on your lunch hour.


Eyebrow Threading or Waxing

If you like to keep your eyebrows well-groomed and immaculate, booking in to keep on top of them with a waxing or threading procedure is something that can be easily done. Be sure to book beforehand, though as eyebrow threading stations at salons can often get quite busy and you could be waiting in a queue. Eyebrow threading only takes a few minutes, and if your brows are quite light coloured or thin, you could also book in for a tint which only takes a few minutes extra.

Facial Peels

Many facial aesthetic clinics will allow you to book in for treatments such as a facial peel on your lunch hour, and ensure that it’s all done in time. Although you may need to book in for skin preparation and a consultation a few weeks beforehand, the treatment itself shouldn’t take long. A medical practitioner will use tested chemicals to remove dead skin cells, leaving you to return to work feeling rejuvenated. Check out for more details.

Back Massage

If you are feeling a little tense after a morning’s worth of hard work, why not book in for a mini back massage on your lunch hour. A good masseuse will be able to relieve your tense back muscles in a lot less than an hour, and you can go back to work relieved of tension and feeling more relaxed.

Hair Treatments

Although you might not be able to fit a full new style into your sixty-minute lunch break, booking in for a wash and blow or even a wash and trim with a good hairdresser shouldn’t take in excess of an hour. With a lot of salons opening business hours, it’s hard to find one that can fit you in when you’re not in work – so why not take advantage of your lunch break to breathe some new life into your hair.

French Manicure

If you don’t go for acrylic nails or gels and simply opt for a French manicure polish, you’ll easily be able to fit it into your lunch break. A number of nail technicians do special offers designed for ladies looking to get a treatment whilst on their break from work so it might be a good idea to check with the salon beforehand to make sure they can fit you in. Regular professional manicures result in healthy and strong nails, so treat yourself.
It’s easy to get pampered on your lunch break!
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