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Durable and Luxury Flooring Ideas for Kitchen

Kitchen flooring needs your special consideration because it bears numerous things, such as dropped utensils, heat, drips, and spills. For this reason, kitchen flooring should have the ability to handle different hazards. You cannot choose every material for the kitchen. Try to choose durable material with less maintenance. 
Balancing comfort, function, and style is essential to make the best choice. Here are some best flooring options for your kitchen.
Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl is a versatile and easy choice for the kitchen. The synthetic manufactured material is impervious to damage, water issues, and stain. Cleaning is easy; therefore, you can remove debris with regular mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping.  Luxury vinyl flooring  is waterproof and has multiple layers to withstand scratches, spills, heavy foot traffic, and moisture.
Three vinyl flooring types are sheet, tile, and plank. Remember, planks can mimic hardwood. Luxury vinyl flooring is common in different areas subject to humidity, including the kitchen and bathroom.
Laminate Flooring
The Laminate Flooring looks like original wood flooring. These floors are water-resistant and warm.  It looks similar to traditional hardwood. Nowadays, you can get waterproof laminate that features a durable core of waterproof material. 
The new laminates offer installation flexibility. You can find laminate floors in different patterns and colors. Feel free to install it on uneven subfloors. If you want a realistic and unique look, numerous colors and patterns are available for you.
Tile Flooring
For a durable and classic look, tile flooring can be a suitable option. You can consider tile flooring for the kitchen and other wet areas. Make sure to focus on sealing and grouting while installation. Tiles can last longer than other flooring options. 
The durability and appearance of tiles make it a suitable choice. Ceramic tiles may compliment different décor types. As compared to carpets, it is easy to clean tiles. Remember, carpets can collect debris and dirt. You can clean tiles with sweeping, spot cleaning, and mopping.
Linoleum is famous for the kitchen because of all-natural linseed oil. Remember, linoleum is environment friendly, easy to maintain, and clean. Proper care can increase the life of linoleum for almost 40 years. Remember, this flooring is susceptible to damage because of excessive water.
Stone Tile
This flooring material is tough as rock. Remember, natural stone is long-lasting and durable for flooring. You can choose it for the kitchen and bathroom. Different flooring options include sandstone, travertine, limestone, slate, granite, and marble. It is a suitable option for luxurious flooring. Make sure to consider the properties of stone, such as durability, scratch resistance, and hardness, before spending money.
Stained Concrete
It is a durable and basic flooring option for the kitchen. Concrete flooring may be stained to imitate tiles, stone, or wood. After finishing, it may be slippery. You can choose different, less slick options. Stained concrete is an economical option for kitchen floors. If you want to increase excitement in the kitchen, select beautiful patterns, and colors.
Fortunately, different options are available in the market. You can select the best flooring to compliment your style and home décor.    
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