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5 Tips for Fostering Creativity in the Workplace

As a manager, you know the struggle of monotonous office life. It's easy to fall victim to daily routines that strip you of your innovation. 

Now, imagine how your employees must feel. These hard workers are on the frontlines and experience exactly what you do (perhaps to an even greater degree).

You need to be there to support them through their creative ruts. But how can you bring back the spark that makes your team happy and productive? 

We're here to help you get the creative juices flowing once again. Here are five tips for fostering innovation in the workplace. 

1. Hold Team-Building Activities

Especially when you have a remote team, your employees can quickly burn out. They need a way to escape their routine so that they can come back reinvigorated. 

So, why not hold a team-building activity? Zoom magicians, trivia nights, and other events likely won't lead to the next big idea. But they can give your employees the break they've been craving. They'll also get the chance to bond with coworkers, allowing them to effectively collaborate on future projects. 

2. Allow for Impromptu Brainstorming

Forcing your employees to brainstorm can defeat the practice's purpose. They'll hesitate to freely express their ideas and feel pressured to only produce their best work. 

Instead, create opportunities for organic brainstorming sessions. For instance, many managers will cover their meeting tables in white butcher paper. Employees can scribble ideas whenever they come to mind! 

Another way you can create opportunities is by encouraging collaboration between departments. For example, when employees talk to employees they don't normally interact with, they might find that a new perspective will help them crack their problem. 

3. Welcome Anonymous Suggestions

Even when you don't force brainstorming sessions, employees might hesitate to share their ideas. These reservations may result because they're scared of rejection or public speaking. 

Regardless, you should welcome anonymous suggestions. Set up a suggestion box or online form that keeps everyone's identity a secret. Once you do, ideas will start to flood in!

4. Create a Stimulating Atmosphere 

Your gray walls and boring decor are doing little to foster creativity. So if you want to positively impact your team's imagination, now's the time for a makeover! 

We recommend starting with the lighting, as it is a simple yet effective way to get the gears turning. Realize that dimmer lighting can spark that out-of-the-box thinking your workplace needs. 

You can also play around with the colors. Opt for inspiring shades like pastel blues or greens. If you want to take things to the next level, add unique decor like vases, paintings, or sculptures. 

You can even experiment with different sounds. Of course, an environment that is too loud can be distracting. But ambient noise goes a long way in encouraging the creative process. 

5. Reward Good Ideas

Your employees won't want to share their ideas if you don't use them. So when you come across a good one, ensure you shout it from the rooftops! 

Let your team know you appreciate the ingenuity and hard work. Even consider rewarding good ideas in the form of a fun prize or feature in the company newsletter. 

Fostering Creativity Among Your Employees — The Bottom Line

Your employees aren't robots. Instead, they need your help in staying creative and continually coming up with award-winning ideas for your company. 

These five tips should give you a good starting point. As you implement them, ensure you listen to employee feedback to make the changes that will best benefit your team. 

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