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DeFiway digital platform. The best website for cryptocurrency transactions


Cryptocurrency has recently shown itself as an ideal tool for financial transactions. Due to the high level of protection against hacking and the confidentiality of user data, the role of cryptocurrencies in financial transfers has increased significantly. It is also worth noting the relative stability of the cryptocurrency market, as well as the growth in the number of startups choosing the issuance of cryptocurrency tokens and entering the open market as the optimal model for disseminating information about the project. Cryptocurrency tokens in this case play the role of shares and allow new projects to gain a critical mass of users, as well as quickly advertise the project.

One of the most reliable platforms for cryptocurrency transactions is DeFiway. Thanks to innovative developments, coupled with the rapid progress in the development of blockchain technologies, the platform guarantees the highest level of service for users. A long list of cryptocurrencies for transfer and trading, fast and confidential conversion operations using the Defiway bridge provides millions of users with a fast and adaptive virtual service.

List of DeFiway services. DeFiway Pay

The DeFivey cryptocurrency platform provides the optimal number of variable cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the wide range of cryptocurrencies available for transactions, the range of user options is greatly expanded. The virtual service allows users to receive and make cryptocurrency payments around the world. The platform guarantees the highest level of transaction security, as well as availability on all types of devices - iOS and Android. With your smartphone, you can send, convert and receive payment in cryptocurrency.

• The client himself has the right to choose the currency for payment;

• Defivey works with the lowest possible commission;

• You receive your earnings without delays and restrictions;

In particular, DeFiway Payment can be useful for the following areas:

• Gaming industry (most modern gaming companies have a wide range of cryptocurrencies for making payments, for example, for purchasing premium accounts in games);

• E-commerce (Thanks to the ability to conduct cryptocurrency payments, e-commerce sites have recently expanded their presence on the Internet, actively competing with banks);

• Support for payment services (even paying utility bills can be done using specialized services);

• Streaming and blogging services are actively promoting cryptocurrencies as the payment model of choice for subscriptions and other related services;

• Online brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges recommend depositing funds into a user account immediately in cryptocurrency to avoid high commissions;

• Gambling. Today, bookmakers and gambling sites offer a wide range of ways to fund your account with cryptocurrencies.

DeFiway Bridge service

Most active blockchains are currently incompatible with each other due to technology differences. User data and security protocols cannot be transferred from one platform to another. That's what DeFiway Bridge is for.

The virtual service allows you to combine the advantages of different blockchains - when converting funds, you do not need to rebuild the blockchain, and the technological advantages of different blockchains are preserved. Most often, the service is used by software developers who need to regularly convert cryptocurrencies to ensure uninterrupted solvency, regardless of the digital platform used.

DeFiway PayRool services

DeFiway Payroll is a unique service that allows you to pay for goods and services on the Internet using cryptocurrency. First of all, the user will need to register on the website of the payment platform, then create a virtual wallet for cryptocurrency tokens. After creating the asset, you need to send invitations to users. The main advantages of Payroll:

• Payments without intermediaries;

• Quick transfers;

• Transparency;

• Increase your customer base with free email newsletters;

• Individual algorithm for each client.

The PayRoll payment service allows you to ensure stable payment of wages to employees, regardless of their location.

DeFiway wallet

A crypto wallet is necessary for making all kinds of financial transactions in the world of cryptocurrencies. The DeFiway virtual platform guarantees the maximum security of user funds, instant registration and a long list of available cryptocurrencies. Withdrawal of funds is extremely fast and carried out without commission.

DeFiway wallet provides the following benefits for users:

• Payment for services and services of public services not related to imprisonment;

• Secure payments without fees;

• Built-in exchanger for converting cryptocurrencies and exchanging them for fiat currencies;

• Cross-platform and support for international transactions;

• Bank card support.

Data and payment protection

Asset security is a key feature of today's financial markets. The cryptocurrency market is one of the most promising in the field of user data protection. The decentralized structure and innovative transaction confirmation protocols guarantee the security of the user's payment details. Although phishing attacks have become common lately, it is practically impossible to transfer user data or use it to enter a client’s cryptocurrency wallet. To protect the data of users of the DeFivey virtual service, the most modern methods and tools are used. Due to cross-platform and focus on the largest possible number of supported tokens, the Internet resource has established itself as the most reliable. Over the years, there has not been a single leak of funds or a case of unauthorized access to user data.


DeFiway is one of the most relevant cryptocurrency platforms in the world at the moment. A wide range of options and a long list of supported cryptocurrencies creates a balanced and harmonious eco-structure for making crypto payments. The highest standards of user data protection, as well as uniquely low commissions - in fact, they do not exist at all - attract many customers from all over the world.

The unique adaptability and functionality of the platform guarantees instant conversion and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies from the user's wallets. In addition to the main function, the platform has advanced options - for example, the Defiway Bridge. A unique feature of its kind allows you to combine bonuses from different cryptocurrency structures by combining them into one functional gateway for transactions.

The Payroll service allows you to pay employees wages in cryptocurrency - at the same time, thanks to automatic options, the employer does not need to know the user's location at all. All that is required is the address of the cryptocurrency wallet.

In general, DeFiway is one of the most promising companies working in the field of cryptocurrencies. A unique list of options and wide functionality, progressive tools - everything for active trading and successful financial transactions.


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