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5 Modern Solutions to Improve Business Productivity

When it comes to running a modern business, the two keywords that are most often focused on are productivity and efficiency. It’s all about designing your business so that it is capable of accomplishing more without having a negative effect on your budget. Whereas efficiency is about being able to shorten the time it takes it to action a process, productivity is about simply getting more from your team. These two words are the cornerstone of what should be your ongoing efforts to keep your business running as effectively (and profitably) as possible. There are a number of modern tools available that can help you to conduct a complete overhaul of even the most bogged down business model, and they could help transform your business.
The Cloud: Much has been made about how effectively Cloud technology can aid businesses. Not only does adopting Cloud technologies help you reduce the need for costly in-house servers for data storage, but it can also help with collaboration and cost reduction throughout your corporate structure.
Automation: This is one of the big buzzwords of the modern business world, and it’s easy to assume that it has little place in the office or call centre workplace. There are a multitude of ways that automation can help cut down on wasted time in any work environment, and the business that isn’t already using some form of automation should certainly be doing research into the possibilities.
Evaluation tools: As well as tech solutions to efficiency and productivity, there are modern trends that will need to be assessed as well. These can cover everything from your marketing to your deliveries. One of the highest costs for a business will be the customer touchpoints. From call centres to social media managers, keeping those costs down is imperative, but without any loss of productivity. Look at the effectiveness of workforce optimisation for productivity gains, and how it can help boost the peripheral (but vital) improvement of your customer service.
Culture changes: It’s all too easy to get to work, lock your door, and hardly see anyone in your team outside of meetings. This is perhaps the biggest stumbling block for those business owners who are used to doing things the old way. Business cultures have transformed. Now, collaboration and feedback are vital. If you have a culture of openness, then you will find that gathering employee feedback will be much easier, and that can only benefit your business.
Big Data: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only the biggest companies are able to make use of data. Now that anyone is able to use the analytics provided by their website, their social media business pages, and even Google, it’s never been easier for a business to research and analyse the most important data regarding their team, their customers, and their product. Make sure that you know what data you need and how to analyse and then action it.
It’s always beneficial for the future of your business that you keep up to date with both modern trends and new technologies. The more you can keep on the cutting-edge, the more secure your company can become. It’s not just about efficiency and productivity. It’s about creating a workplace that is streamlined, and that could be the key to a more profitable and long-lasting business model.

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