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3 Advertising Methods to Promote Your Local Business

It seems as if there are too many marketing methods out there, causing confusion for local businesses who may not have the same level of expenses or customers as their global competitors. Local businesses also have the misconception that the internet and its tools are not available to them – this is further from the truth.
There are many advertising methods, be it online or offline, for your local business to use. Here are three ways to market your local business and build a rapport with your customers.

1.Content, content and more content

Every business should have a streamlined and responsive website (and if you don’t, this is the first thing you need to rectify before trying anything else), but one vital component of your website is ensuring you have an interesting, up-to-date and optimised blog. A blog is a fantastic way to communicate with consumers more directly as well as garner followers when blog posts are uploaded to your business’s social media channels.

Different types of content

The blog post is the old faithful when it comes to creating content for your blog, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to this one format. You should also include video content, infographics, whitepapers/guides and even podcasts.

2.Engage instore customers

When a potential customer steps foot into your store, you still need to build a connection and advertise your services/product without being too forceful. You can use an instore radio to play music that suits your target audience, or if you want to relay promotions or offers, create catchy audio that’ll suit your marketing methods.
When it comes to what to include on your instore radio service, you need to reach out to professionals who have experience in creating content that is specifically used for instore radio. By doing so, you can have the very best presenters create a link between your business and its listeners; you can also bring your brand to life and make its ethics more three-dimensional.

3.Actively contribute to a relevant community

There is an online community for everything, and by reaching out to one, you can raise your business’s profile and create a positive brand image. A local business that helps the community is going to be more favourable to potential customers than one that sells the same product/service but does not give back. You could help by donating to a local charity, spending a couple of days a year giving back to the community by renovating a public area, or finding an online community.

How to promote your business when contributing to a community

You don’t want your charitable work to be all about your business, but this is a great way of promoting your brand through subtle means like wearing company t-shirts or having your company’s website in your signature when posting in an online forum. You should only mention your business when it is appropriate, however. Not being empathetic means damaging your brand.

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