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Stationary pallet changer Toppy V-Shape 120°
Toppy V Shape 120° is a stationary pallet changer built in a single and strong V Shape frame. The pallet changer receives the load on its lower platform, placed at the ground level, by fork lift or by pallet jack. At the start of the cycle a pallet latch secures the pallet to the platform and the upper compactor plate moves down until a sensor detects the top of the load. The load, secured by the V Shape frame, is then lifted and rotated by 120° backwards. When the load is in the tilted position the lower platform moves back until to the floor and the pallet is released. The operator can quickly and easily replace the pallet at floor level. Toppy V Shape 120° will handle several kinds of loads including boxes, bags, vials, drums, bottles, etc. Toppy V-Shape 120° pallet changers are available with either manual control (by push button panel) or full automatic control (by PLC). Toppy V Shape 120° can also become part of a logistic system, with conveyors and automatic pallet stackers.

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