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Common questions when buying your first vertical panel saw
Here Matt Pearce, the manging director of TM Machinery, answers the most common questions asked when buying a vertical panel saw. We hope that you find the video helpful. You can follow us on our Twitter and Linked in pages and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos of our Striebig range. SHOULD I CHOOSE A VERTICAL PANEL SAW OR SLIDING TABLE SAW? A Striebig vertical panel saw is perfect for cutting large panels. It takes up less space, requires less material handling and labour. It’s faster and there’s less chance of operator error. If you only have space or budget for one machine and you have a variety of cutting jobs then a sliding table saw makes sense. They are a more flexible machine, handling angles, mitres, compound angles and solid timber. ARE VERTICAL PANEL SAWS ACCURATE? A top-quality vertical panel saw is just as accurate as a top-quality sliding table saw or a top-quality beam saw. A really good vertical panel saw will give you an accurate, clean finish that allows you to take your cut piece straight on to the next processing stage, for example edge banding or drilling. CAN I CUT A RANGE OF MATERIALS ON A VERTICAL PANEL SAW? Beyond the standard wood-based panels, these saws cut a range of materials including plastics, cement particle board, aluminium, ACM, GRP and even marble. The vertical panel saw provides a very stable and accurate base for your cutting, so as long as you get your tooling right, then the range of materials you can cut on them is almost endless HOW MUCH SPACE WILL I SAVE WITH A VERTICAL PANEL SAW? A vertical panel saw takes up less than half the space of a sliding table saw, so the space savings really quite significant. IS THE DUST EXTRACTION GOOD ON A VERTICAL PANEL SAW? Striebig vertical panel saws have improved saw head design for enhanced collection at the cutting point as well as secondary collection points on all of the machines. Our own work with LEV testing and personal sampling has shown that vertical panel saws are now providing good protection for the operator from dust exposure. For more information please call +44 (0)116 271 7155 or email For the latest news, follow TM Machinery on Twitter:

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