Tips for Making a Product Launch Go Viral

Tips for Making a Product Launch Go Viral

In the digital age, nothing is deemed more important to some marketers than going viral. Racking up the views and getting millions of clicks is the modern-day equivalent to a well-placed print ad.

As experts in mobile vending solutions, at Thirst Solution we know a thing or two about marketing and the many ways to draw in consumers. We’ve supplied some of the biggest brands at the biggest venues in the world, offering experiential marketing expertise, bespoke products, and fully-brandable solutions. So, whether you are releasing a new product or simply want to refresh your marketing strategy, we have put together some top Tips for Making a Product Launch Go Viral.

Tips for Making a Product Launch Go Viral

These days, social media has dominated the lives of everyone. From newsworthy reads to trends on twitter, if you can get your brand across online platforms, you can reach millions. Consider these tips and watch your social media following, and your sales, soar.

Plan Your Strategy

While it may be tempted to upload content multiple times a day across every single social media platform, this may very quickly get too much, for you and your followers. Strike a balance between quantity and quality, posting content that gets attention consistently enough to maintain a following. Ideally, brands want a loyal following built organically that enjoy the accounts, perhaps for comedy, updates or specific content. Once a following is built, product launches will no doubt be liked and shared.

Plan your posts ahead to ensure things are structured and pages not spammed when you remember to post. Consider themed posts for relevant holidays, content to fill down days with, and countdown posts when product launches near to raise excitement.

Always consider your target customer and the platforms they use – do some research and find out what they use and when. There is little point announcing your product launch on Instagram if your target market predominantly uses Facebook. Similarly, keep everything on brand and consistent across platforms so your brand is easily identifiable.

Create Unforgettable Activations

If you create an awesome product launch, there is no way consumers will resist talking about it online. Consider you product, your brand and your style, then get creative!

Product launches are a great time to engage with consumers, have some fun, and go viral. Give away freebies, have consumers test your product, have an unmissable installation – anything that entices consumers towards you and your product. Have elements geared towards social media to up your viral game; create installations everyone will snap and post, or fun photo booths for the ultimate Instagram.

A great way to elevate your product launch is with branded mobile vending solutions. Consumers can’t resist novel experiential marketing, especially if it means they get a free sample! Check out Thirst Solution’s products and find the perfect addition to your next product launch.

Team Up with Influencers

In the age of the ‘Instagram influencer’, the effect of promotion online cannot be understated. Contact celebrities or big names associated with your sector to get your product advertised in front of your target audience. Also, work with other brands or chains to expand your exposure and get your product launch out into the mainstream.

Getting the support of accounts with large followings are sure to help your mission to go viral.

Be Careful with Copy

Copywriting can make or break a viral campaign. Some brands suit a quirky style of copy, written to be personable or ‘punny’, whereas others may suit other styles.

To find the perfect voice for your brand, consider your audience, your values and your products. Even the simplest of tag lines or product descriptions can quickly do the rounds online and become viral overnight!

Utilise Hashtags

Not only do hashtags apply branding to content, they also help you track how well your campaign is doing. Create a unique hashtag for your product launch and encourage followers to use it. Then you can search the hashtag and see just how popular it is – super simple marketing tracking!

Entice Participation

Competitions and prize draws are a great way to entice consumers to engage with your brand or product online and go viral. Simply encouraging consumers to follow your page and share your product can bring many new viewers to your page. Even more advantageous if you get followers to use your hashtag, so you can select winners as well as track your success.

Get Started with Thirst Solution

If you feel inspired for your next product launch and want to bring the fun of experiential marketing to your customers, check out Thirst Solution. Our mobile vending solutions are the ultimate way to engage and entice consumers – also perfect for social media snaps or to complement your hashtag campaign! Check out our testimonials and find out how others have achieved success.

Start your viral product launch with Thirst Solution today!

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