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The Green Stationery Company is a pioneering environmental business. Our life started in 1989 as a locally-based supplier of recycled paper called Bath Green Papers, and evolved in 1993 offering a national service: the Green Stationery Company was born. We operate on the Schumacher Principle that 'small is beautiful,' keeping the company's physical size as small as possible so we can achieve the lowest ecological footprint. We have invested heavily in the latest technology so we can provide the most efficient service to our ever increasing number of customers, yet keep our business size relatively small.

We use only reclaimed packaging materials to protect our customer's orders, and these are sourced from local businesses along Walcot Street. The only energy used in the office is renewably-sourced electricity and we produce minimal waste (only one black bin bag every two weeks), with all other materials being re-used. The diesel used by our couriers is offset through Rainforest Concern's 'Forest Credits' scheme - community-owned watershed projects based in Intag, Ecuador, which provides both clean water to the indigenous peoples there, and re-forests the Amazon rainforest. We also have an electric assisted peddle bike for small local deliveries.

Our staff are knowledgeable and willing to give you advice on individual products and their wider impacts. There are three of us in the office, and the hours are flexible, so that staff can lead full lives as artists, campaigners, and occasionally normal people. We all get a say in how the company runs, and working life is generally relaxed, and has the tendency to meander into rambling discussions about deep ecology and the meaning of life, whatever that is. The majority of the business is owned by the founder and managing director Jay Risbridger. Jay has a degree in the History of Ideas and a working background in overseas development and the recycled paper industry. He has been active in green politics and has dedicated his working life to the development of green & ethical business.


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The Green Stationery Company

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