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Tecsew’s First Promotional Video
We have recently completed a long time ambition which is to produce a promotional video for Tecsew. We have also taken the time to create a video showing how to fold and stow a standard Tecsew Cockpit Enclosure. This video was shot in and around the factory as well as at various locations out on site. The main purpose is to show the world what we are all about, what we do and how we do things. We are proud to show bits of clips showing our 3D design technology. Our new models of Sprayhoods, Cockpit Enclosures and Biminis as well as other bespoke covers are now designed using our in-house 3D design technology. We do not believe any other cover makers using the same technology as we have developed the methods ourselves incorporating software available to us.

For more information on Tecsew’s First Promotional Video talk to Tecsew Ltd

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