Half Height Turnstile SFD300 Access Control

Half Height Turnstile SFD300 Access Control

Product Code: SFD300-SS

Half Height Turnstile SFD300 Access Control Our SFD300 Access Control Turnstile combines elegance with the ultimate in security. It complements and enhances many corporate environments which need to combine protection with aesthetics. Standard and optional features;


Half height turnstile for internal use 304 grade stainless steel unit 316 grade stainless steel arms Curved end panels Can be easily integrated with railings/barriers


Manually operated arms Available as mechanical only unit or controlled in either or both directions Can be controlled via any access control unit which gives out a volt free contact (supplied separately) Free rotation on power failure or activation of fire alarm Directional indicators included

Technical Specifications:

Power Requirements : 110/220V. 60/50Hz. AC (%±10) 24V. DC at standby ~11W. max. ~60W. Dimensions : 1190x1000x280 + Arm length (470 mm) Arms : Ø40 x 2,0 mm 304-Grade (Opt. 316-Grade) stainless steel. (Opt. anodised hard aluminium). Arms can be dismantled or mounted one by one separately. Body Features : 304-Grade (Opt. 316-Grade) stainless steel. Protected against water for outdoors use. Half- cylindrical rounded legs. Indicator Features : Decorative LED indicators on both legs in stripe form. Operating Temperature, Humidity, IP Rating, MCBF : -20°C - +68°C (-50°C with optional heater unit) / RH 95% non-condensing / IP 54 outdoor rated (Opt. IP 56) / 1M cycles Control System : Controlled by dry contact or grounding input. Compatible with all access control systems that provide dry contact or grounding outputs. Optional RS232/RS485/TCP IP control module is available. Operation : Microprocessor controlled industrial design with vibration resistance, adaptable to any demand of user. All inputs are opto-coupler protected. Passage directions can be easily adjusted for controlling as free passage active, passive or combination of these indications. Passage directions can be activated with another input. Thanks to the

double-input feature, passage direction can be activated on a single signal for both passage ways. (opt. audio unit with speaker and WAV files) Solenoids in the system are special design. Do not heat more than 10°C at -%100 ED atmospheric temperature. Passage : Manual driven bi-directional passage system (Opt. Motorised System).

A- Manuel System (standard): The system unlocks upon receiving input and arms to be rotated 120° to allow passage. B- Motorised System (optional): The system unlocks upon receiving input, motor is activated by a gentle push on the arm and arms rotate 120° to the direction of signal

to allow passage.

Output Data : The system provides dry contact passage feedback by relays. Emergency Mode : In case of power failure or emergency, the arms rotate freely to allow free passage. Flow Rate : Capacity of Mechanism - Manual System: Max. ~97 passages/minute; Nominal: ~41 passage/minute.

Motorised System: Max. ~48 passages/minute; Nominal: ~29 passage/minute. (Recommended reference figure)

  • Explanatory Notes:

  • The above given figures are approximate for one person per walkway or lane.

  • The system allows the new passage authorisation in less than ~0, 3 seconds. After the passage authorisation, the total passage time depends on the pushing

and passage speed of the people.

  • Utilisation of different access control units can change the flow rate. Standard Features : LED indicators, cut-out and acrylic cover for card reader mounting (when requested at the time of purchase order).

Order Information:

*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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