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HT-2PC Hot Tack Tester

Product Code: HT-2PC

HT-2PC Hot Tack Tester
Hot Tack Tester with automatic film feeding device for determination of the hot tack seal strength of packaging films, to ASTM F1921. The HT-2PC Hot Tack Tester is a highly technical instrument designed to measure the ‘Hot Tack Seal Strength’ of flexible packaging materials. It follows the principles of ASTM F1921 Standard Test Method for Hot Seal Strength (Hot Tack) of Thermoplastic Polymers and blends comprising the sealing surfaces of flexible webs. Hot Tack Seal Strength is a measure of the strength of a hot heat seal tested within milliseconds after heat sealing. On production packs, newly formed hot seals are frequently exposed to disruptive forces, such as when contents are dropped into the pouch. These force act on the hot seal and if there is inadequate resistance they can break all or part of the seal. Therefore it is essential to measure the amount of stress the seal can withstand. The HT-2PC has been designed to test the hot seal strength under accurately controlled conditions, simulating the stresses a pack is exposed to on a high speed packaging line. A heat seal that has cooled to ambient temperature will reach its maximum seal strength after several minutes or even hours. Measuring strength of cooled seals prepared on a Lab Heat Sealer and tested on a separate Tensile Tester does not correlate with the strength of a hot seal.

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