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Falling Dart Impact Tester

Product Code: FC-1709

Falling Dart Impact Tester
The FD-1709 Falling Dart Impact Tester determines the impact resistance of plastic film using a free-falling dart. The Tester performs to recognized International Test Standards including ASTM D1709, and ISO 7765. The FD-1709 is a cost effective solution for testing impact resistance of sheet materials. Bench mounted or floor standing, with drop heights and darts for ASTM D1709 Methods A & B. Operation is by push button, and an optional touchscreen provides a standard operating procedure and test traceability. Impact resistance is expressed as the mass of a free falling ‘missile’ that would cause failure of 50% of samples tested. A simple pass/fail procedure, combined with varying weights enables calculation of the resulting mass. A variety of factors can affect impact resistance including material thickness, uniformity of thickness, sample clamping, dart weight and drop height.

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