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DECKING / PATIOS with railway sleepers
Do you're thinking of building a deck to create that lovely relaxing space in the garden? Here is a selection of inspiring and wonderful decks, made both from conventional decking boards as well as new & used railway sleepers, that have been sent in from customers. A big 'thankyou' to all our customers and friends who've sent us digital photos and descriptions of their decks created with railway sleepers & conventional decking boards, whether in their gardens or as part of their business, and generously shared their decking projects online. It's both inspiring and illuminating for others to see what you've created and hear of your struggles or achievements. It's not necessarily about wanting to copy what you've done - more about being given great ideas and endless possibilities. New & used railway sleepers are great alternatives to using conventional decking boards. Do you want to make a deck out of railway sleepers, but unsure how ? Check out a few of these imaginative and inventive decking projects using railway sleepers. So, to all of you enjoying these pages, with dreams and schemes in your head, let's see what railway sleeper decking projects YOU finally plan, and what YOU manage to create! Show us your 'before' and 'after' pictures. Tell us how it went. Your successes as well as your not so smooth moments. Dare to share online!

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