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Optical Sorting

Optical Sorting

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The Autosort range of sorting systems using high-speed line-scan cameras and sophisticated lighting to view product. Powerful software makes an instantaneous decision on the acceptability of a product by comparing its colour, shade, size or shape to specified criteria. Fast pneumatic ejectors will remove the unwanted item from the product flow.

Whilst new products are being added to the range, some of our systems are still in continuous operation after more than 14 years. And, if we can't satisfy your need from our standard range, we may be able to design a new configuration specifically for your application.

All systems can be manufactured with standard flourecent lights, for simple dark defects ("AS" Systems), or fitted with multicolor lighting for more complicated sorting problems ("MC" systems).

For more information on  Optical Sorting  talk to  Radix Systems Ltd

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For more information on  Optical Sorting  talk to  Radix Systems Ltd

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