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Loggers Rental
Loggers Rental

We are pleased to be able to supply your business have a range of reliable Test Chambers, Air Treatment Units, Ovens, Measuring Instruments, Monitors and Loggers for rental. Some of the general benefits of renting are:

Meet any short-term requirement

Satisfy urgent requirements immediately

Cater for production peaks thereby enabling your owned equipment to be kept at an optimum level

Allow a full technical evaluation of a test or process prior to making a capital purchase

Overcome difficulties caused by manufacturers lead times on the purchase of new equipment

Enable your costs to be attributed to specific projects

Avoid tying up your capital in under-utilised assets, therefore leaving it available for other projects

Hire charges are usually tax-deductible

For more information on Loggers Rental , call us on 01525 385500 and one of our friendly team will be pleased to assist you.

For more information on Loggers Rental talk to Proactive Test Solutions Ltd

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