PPM News - June 2018


June has produced a spectrum of domestic and international purchase orders. We have sold our Proam ammonia monitor, for a final effluent monitoring application within Severn Trent Water. Wessex Water have also purchased a final effluent ammonia monitor. Northumbrian Water has purchased a bespoke final effluent monitor and a Gloucester Paper Mill has also procured turbidity instrumentation for effluent monitoring. Potable water applications included turbidity instrumentation supplied to South East Water for water production monitoring and control. Internationally our water quality instrumentation has been sold to countries which include Taiwan and Italy.

June 2018 News

Northumbrian Water purchases a low flow turbidity monitoring package: PPM has fabricated another bespoke monitoring system for Northumbrian Water. The instrument kiosk will be installed on the final outlet chamber giving continuous turbidity readings, to indicate the final effluent solids concentrations for a site with low / intermittent flows. The “low flow turbidity” package comprises the Chemitec 50 series turbidity instrument, mounted in a special flow cell which includes automatic compressed air cleaning. The compressed air injection, cleans the optical face of the sensor and also the complete sample transfer line, to improve the quality of measurement and reduce maintenance. The complete turbidity system with peristaltic sample pump is pre-installed in to a small GRP kiosk with lighting and heating. The pre-installation of the instrumentation also simplifies site installation and ensure each and every installation is identical.

South East Water purchase turbidity instruments for potable water monitoring: South East Water has purchase two additional turbidity instruments for a potable water monitoring application measuring abstracted borehole water and treated water quality. The HF microtol instrument has been selected for its proven reliability and simplicity of design, established over many years of operation within the Water Company. Additionally, the calibration is also simple to perform and the operational costs are very low, favouring the instrument’s selection.

Eight Proam ammonia monitors purchased for new FAB plant in Taiwan: Our distributer, Atlas Technology has taken delivery of another eight Proam ammonia monitors, for a project won with a turnkey engineering firm in Taiwan. The specialist engineering firm provides ultra-pure water, waste water and reclaim systems, for clients such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation. This latest project is for a waste water treatment facility on a new FAB plant, with several production lines discharging effluent for treatment. The Proam ammonia monitors will be installed at strategic locations to provide continuous measurement, with real time telemetry outputs, for control purposes.

Two Protoc 300 TOC analysers to be installed in Italy for waste water monitoring: A prestigious Italian engineering company - Loccioni, has taken delivery of two Protoc 300 TOC analyser for a waste water management project. The instruments will be used to monitor the final water after treatment, to report the continuous TOC concentrations of two independent discharge streams. The Protoc TOC analyser has a local display integrated and the signal outputs provide monitoring and control functionality.

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