Joisted floors Preparation

Joisted floors Preparation

Ensure that the joists are sound, free of infestation and rot, particularly where they join the walls. In newly built works it is worth investing the extra little bit in kiln dried joists. Very many buildings, old and new suffer from joists which have shrunk after the building is finished. The floor drops away from beneath the skirting, leaving an ugly dark gap between skirting and floor. This is a difficult problem to correct or cover neatly. Once you have fitted the expensive hardwood floor it will be very costly to put right any inherent defects.

If the joists are uneven in their height they may need to be 'firred' or packed. Firrings are strips of timber laid over the tops of the joists to equalise the levels accross the joists. Packers are used to lift the ends of sunken or shrunken joists to bring them level with their neighbours.

For more information on  Joisted floors Preparation  talk to  Parquet & General Flooring Co Ltd

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