Cutting Torch NM500 Excalibur 900mm Long Cutter

Cutting Torch NM500 Excalibur 900mm Long Cutter

900mm Long Nozzle Mix Cutting Torch - Excalibur NM500

Excalibur Cutting blowpipe NM500, often described as an "36 x 90 cutter", these torches are suitable for use with any fuel gas type, acetylene, propane and propylene et cetera along with the appropriate nozzle type,

Noz-Alls provide the widest range of cutting and process nozzles to suit these heavy duty NM cutting blowpipes - also known as a Gas Axe or even a lamp in some industries.

The extended length makes the blowpipe suitable for use with the super heating adaptor and the complete range of Super Heating nozzles from #1H through to the #5H. Due to the NM500 flow rate a much larger heat output is possible when compared to using the #5H Super Heating nozzle on a "Type 5 shank".

The NM500 cutting torch is for use up to cutting applications with mild steel from 1mm to 500mm thickness and the correct nozzle to suit.

Generally Noz-Alls Excalibur blowpipes will cost more than a similar type of torch from a competitor - WHY? Well simply because the Excalibur torch from Noz-Alls is a much better quality torch plus is heavier duty and built to last longer than those supplied by other companies.

While many nozzle mix cutting torches may on the surface look to be similar, our Excalibur cutting torch is much better quality than most.

Every Excalibur blowpipe has:-

A) Solid stainless steel gas control valve spindles which makes for ease of adjustment and extended life. The stainless steel threads run more freely in the brass body when compared to the cheaper brass spindles plus being made from solid stainless steel makes the accuracy better allowing improved control over flow setting.

B) Our 90 degree cutting torch has a robust heavy duty angle head which is larger and thicker than most which mean it can withstand more arduous conditions for longer.

C) The cutting lever may look similar to other torches but Excalibur is made from thicker stainless steel, with large cutting oxygen lever lock button which enables an artisans wearing gauntlets to easily lock the cutting lever on.

D) Unseen by the artisan is the cutting valve which has the original design incorporating the 2 "O" ring seal compared to a single "O" ring seal in the cheaper torches.

E) The cutting valve has a traditional proportional flow control valve rather than the "on - off" valve fitted in low cost torches, the flow control valve we use makes the torch easier to use and work with allowing the artisan ultimate control. The valve design is the original and built to function for the life of the torch.

F) The inlet connections are able to be replaced should they become damaged which extends the life of the torch.

G) The torch handle is made from thick section brass tube so it will not corrode or deteriorate and is much stronger than aluminium. Which makes the torch handle less prone to accidental damage.

H) The lateral strength of the torch comes from the fact the the tubes are 10mm diameter with a thick wall section (many cheap torches use 9mm diameter tube with a thin wall section).

Why buy the torch twice when the Excalibur NM 500 torch will operate more easily, function better allowing the artisan to work more effectively and quickly - saving money and of course the design means the torch will last you for longer than a competitors.

The Excalibur NM 500 cutting torch is available with several head types: 90 degree, 75 degree, 180 degree and special order 45 degree.

As a general purpose heavy duty cutting torch the increased length - 900mm overall - allows the cutting of thicker section material, to achieve the higher flow rate the cutting valve as standard is the high flow type. However if you will not be cutting thick sections then you can specify the fitting of the proportional flow valve.

With the standard high flow cutting valve the most common head angles are the 75 degree and the 90 degree depending on the industry it is being used in. The 75 degree head is ideal for the scrap industry and the 180 degree head makes the NM500 cutting blowpipe ideal for heavy cutting so that the dross is blown away from the artisan. Where the proportional flow control valve is fitted then gouging plus pin blowing applications may also be utilised with the advantage of ease of operation plus the dross will be blown away.

Excalibur NM500 36" (900mm) long

Please allow 2 days for testing purposes.

We test each oxy/fuel torch before we ship it out to make sure they are up to our high standards.

For more information on  Cutting Torch NM500 Excalibur 900mm Long Cutter  talk to  Noz-Alls Ltd

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