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How secure is your caravan?

It's a question worth pondering because caravans and other leisure vehicles are high-value targets for thieves – according to data from Ripe Insurance, an average of 10 caravans are stolen each week in the UK.

There's another statistic that's much more reassuring, though.

Moving Intelligence's Mi01 tracking device has a 94% recovery rate, with over 12,000 of the units having been sold across Europe. So while the potential theft of your caravan is concerning, by installing a tracking device like the Mi01, you can safeguard your caravan effectively.

Even better, you can now get 10% off the Mi01 using the discount code Mi0110 on the Moving Intelligence online shop, protecting your caravan without breaking the bank.


What is the Mi01?

The Mi01 caravan security app

(Photo courtesy of Moving Intelligence)

The Mi01 is essentially a location and tracing device that utilises GPS and GSM networks, as well as the low-power wide-area network, called LoRaWAN, to alert owners. It also has a 24-hour manned monitoring centre to detect when a caravan is moved outside a predetermined area – called a geofence.

This means a caravan fitted with the Mi01 can be quickly located, even if it is hidden underground or in a shipping container, which are barriers to location detection that trackers usually face.

The system uses low-power supercapacitors and, as standard, emits only one signal each day, which not only saves power – it can run for five years without changing its battery – but also means it is much harder for criminals to locate the device.

“Battery life capacity has improved so much in recent years it makes standalone, self-powered, self-fitted devices like the Mi01 viable,” explains Nick Stapleton at Moving Intelligence. “The Mi01 doesn’t offer all the functions available by Moving Intelligence’s iTrack range and Pro 3 range, but it does offer a large benefit over the Pro3 caravan tracker and other more conventional hardwired tracking devices with its anti-scan feature.

Once fitted and activated, owners can use MiApp or an online platform for live location information. Owners also have multiple settings they can activate, including a ‘lock position’, which allows owners to receive an email or push notification as soon as the caravan starts moving.

In addition, they can activate ‘theft detection’, which, as soon as the caravan is moved out of its geofence, the owner and the monitoring centre are alerted and action can be taken.

What makes the Mi01 effective?

The Mi01 caravan security app in use

(Photo courtesy of Moving Intelligence)

Because the device is standalone and does not need to be wired into the caravan’s electrical system, this makes it a very attractive security solution for caravan owners looking for an easy-to-manage, low-cost, long-term tracking device.

Its compact size – it is just 145mm by 35mm by 22mm – means it can be mounted out of sight virtually anywhere in your caravan. With the built-in power caps and internal battery, the Mi01 has no effect on the caravan’s existing electronics, as this system can operate entirely standalone and wirelessly. It also has Europe-wide coverage and the device is weatherproof which enables it to work in all types of environments, including rain and snow.

But, whilst it only emits one signal a day in normal conditions, should the worst happen and the caravan is taken out of its geofence, the owner and Moving Intelligence’s monitoring centre will be alerted through the ‘theft detection’ setting.

Using the MiApp, the owner or the monitoring centre’s staff can then increase the number of signals the device emits and its location will be streamed until it has been recovered.

The monitoring centre can then also send out a recovery team who will use the higher frequency of signals to locate the caravan. The recovery team will then update the owner and assist through the entire process until the stolen caravan has been recovered.

Enjoy a 10% discount off the Mi01

The Mi01 support team

(Photo courtesy of Moving Intelligence)

The device normally costs £209 but Moving Intelligence is offering a 10% discount on all Mi01 online orders using code Mi0110. Buyers will also require an annual £99 subscription.

For more information on Safeguard your caravan with the Mi01 tracker talk to Moving Intelligence Ltd

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