Self-Disinfecting Alcohol Gel Fingerplates

Self-Disinfecting Alcohol Gel Fingerplates

Surface Skins Push Pads kill germs in the vital seconds between one user of the door and the next, by releasing a small amount of gel under the fingers and hands when pressed by door users, which immediately self-disinfects the area touched.

Alternative copper, silver and plastic based products can take hours to achieve a similar germ kill level.

Engineered to stop the spread of infection, kill germs in seconds and protect every user.

Designed to last for 1000 activations or 7 days worth of use. If the Push Pad is not changed after these conditions are met, the antimicrobial performance may decline.

It means assigning a day once a week to change the Push Pads, changing a Push Pad takes ap-proximately 30 seconds and doesn’t need to be changed by anyone with Maintenance or DIY experience. Anyone can do it!!

Help Control Infection:

• Wash Your Hands

• Use Gel Dispensers

• Push our Surface Skins Push Pads

Key Benefits:

• Kills Germs in Seconds

• Effective Against Bacteria and Some Viruses, such as Coronavirus.

• Self-Disinfects to Help Protect EVERY User

• Helps prevent the spread of germs on frequently touched surfaces

• Quick and Easy to Install

• Designed and Manufactured in the UK

• Validated in NHS Laboratory


Suitable for any industry, office or premises, including:

• Public and Private Hospitals

• GP Surgeries

• Dentists

• Opticians

• Schools

• Factories

• Restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Shops

• Washrooms and Public Toilets

• Council Premises

• Cinemas

• Gyms

• Offices

• Cruise Ships

The list is endless!!!

• Complete Pack – Surface Skins Push Pads and Holsters • 60 x Push Pads – Silver and 12 x Hol-sters – White

• Refill Pack 1 – Surface Skins Push Pads • 60 x Push Pads – Silver

• Refill Pack 2 – Surface Skins Holsters • 30 x Holsters – White


Please get in contact if ordering more than 1 pack as we can offer considerable discount.

Self-Disinfecting Alcohol Gel Fingerplates.

Available in 3 different Packs.

Colours: White Holsters and Silver Push Pads

Lead time: 3-5 working days.

SALES: SALES: 01752 690622

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