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Tele Bingo Systems
Our professional Tele bingo video Systems are ideal for any bingo club. They come complete with an in built Ticket validation system, whereby all participants will see the winning ticket on screen ? eliminating the need for manual checking Its many features include: Bingo 17? LCD flat screen Numbers displayed to caller before audience - Displays prize money Flashing jackpot number Plays 1-75, 1-80 and 1-90 bingo All numbers saved if power fails - Optional additional LED or LCD display Raffle - 6 Digit Raffle - Selects up to 500 winning Nos - Optional repeat & non repeat - Recall feature - Timer can adjust the length of spin - Tote double - Tote treble - Selects numbers between 0-199 - Repeat or non repeat numbers - Bonus Ball Lotto - Selects numbers in similar way to national lottery - Selects numbers between 1-99

For more information on Tele Bingo Systems talk to Kory Bingo Machines Ltd

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