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What is a service loop? igus® offers the e-loop as an alternative

As attention turns towards cutting costs in the Oil & Gas industry; maximising reliability and minimising downtime are key to helping companies survive during these difficult times. This blog looks at what a service loop is and how in times of cost savings, companies continue to ensure that they maintain productivity whilst considering. This will never disappear, so technology has to continue to evolve with solutions to these problems.

When considering some of the Oil & Gas industry’s biggest challenges, igus® has determined that service loop cable and hose management must be considered as one of the most prominent challenges and continues to invest in products that will thrive in the industry. Not only are the conditions on these oil rigs hazardous they have to ensure that all products used can cope with extreme temperatures and the continuous battering of the elements.

alternative to service loop

The service loop- igus® e-loop

The igus® e-loop is designed to enable top drive operators to manage cables and hoses safely and reliably within the derrick, replacing old-fashioned service loops, which are often seen as a weak link in the drilling process. The e-loop allows for individual cables and hoses to be harnessed within it and replaced when required. This differs to service loops, which would require the whole loop to be replaced if only one cable or hose within the system fails.

The e-loop’s enforced minimum bend radius ensures cables and hoses are not pushed beyond their designed parameters. This results in a longer lifetime for all electrical and hydraulic services. The system currently suits cables up to Ø76mm or 500mm minimum bend radius.

Key e-loop facts

The e-loop is suspended on a plastic-fibre rope with a tensile load of 50kN. The interior of the e-loop is made from the cable- friendly igus® igumid G, which is used in our energy chains. With a rubberised PUR outer jacket this cable is designed to absorb shocks experienced within the derrick. Each link is held together with secondary tension screws to avoid dropped objects on the rig. The e-loop is currently available in 2 different sizes, meaning it is suitable for both onshore and offshore drilling rigs and available for all sorts of environments worldwide.

igus® chainflex® cables are pre-built into the system, so it can be delivered on a drum ready for quick installation onto the rig. Our DNV/GL certified cables are covered by the igus®36-month guarantee and are suitable for offshore use.

The e-loop can be easily retrofitted to any existing top drive system and has been designed to ensure a quick and easy installation onto OEMs top drives, using standard industry recognised mounting brackets.Cables and hoses are strain relieved at either end of the e-loop, with electrical and hydraulic services kept apart to ensure maximum lifetime for all services. The modular easy-to-open system can help minimise downtime, while providing a much more reliable solution when compared with existing service loops.

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The e-loop is a versatile and flexible energy chain system. It supports the igus® “cost down life up” solution and did you know, that these systems can be recycled?

Be part of the igus® “chainge recycling programme” and at the end of the e-loops life cycle, do your bit to help the world we live in.

You as a customer actually don’t need to do much to be part of the scheme, simply clean the chain, weight it, complete the form on the chainge page, package it up and send it to igus® UK. Once we receive it, we will send you a voucher for the chain which you can use against future orders. If every customer recycled their chain, a lot less would be going to land waste, creating a better planet for us to live on.

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