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Steve Slater; my Progression Story

Steve Slater-Where did my career begin?

Before igus® I was a salesman for car radios, car alarms and accessories to motor traders and garages, which I did straight from leaving school. I had worked in this business for 10 years, but these parts started to get fitted directly from manufacturers, so the market died out; I needed to find a new opportunity.

The start of my igus® journey in the words of Steve Slater

In 1999, I applied to an advertisement for igus® in the local job section in the newspaper, as it was pre-internet days you had to send a letter to businesses when you wanted to apply for a job. I was successful with the application and joined the igus® team of 15 people (in the UK) as Area Sales for the South of England. To put that into perspective, we now have over 100 people working for igus® in the UK.

And I was not eased in to working at igus®. My first official working week I was sent to our head office in Cologne, alongside a few colleagues (all of which are still at igus® to this day!) I am not going to lie; I had no clue as to what was going on! I had been with the company for 5 minutes and was suddenly learning all about injection moulding and failing tests! I passed eventually.

In those days Frank, the CEO of the company did most of the training and still to this day, one of my main memories is Frank presenting the new Zipper energy chain, a chain which is still one of the most popular ranges.

After 5 years I became chainflex® Product Manager;  at the time, igus® only had a few cables but was massively expanding the range, so there was a need to promote and sell chainflex® as a stand-alone product. In those days it was back to basics- knocking on doors, introducing igus® as a brand-new emerging company onto the market.

Steve slater

What happened in 2007?

In 2007, igus® continued to expand and took on more salespeople; as a result, I secured the role of Sales Manager for e-chain®, which I still do today. However, again, this role has changed beyond recognition. When I first took on this role, I managed six sales people and now I manage 20, both bearings and energy chains externals including Ireland.

During my igus® career I have travelled the world as there wasn’t the vast international team that there is now, so there was a need to go to other countries such as Russia to fit igus® chain with UK colleagues. I have worked on projects from £1 to millions of pounds, from customer’s sheds up to projects on spacecraft and everything in between. When I joined the team 24 years ago igus® global sales were at £76 million and we hit £1 billion sales globally last year …which I do like to think I am personally responsible for.

What Steve likes about igus®?

I love the variety and freedom; every day is different …because of igus® I have been to the Middle East, Russia, America, and all over Europe for projects. I never stop being amazed at the ever-changing technology and I appreciate the way igus® lets you get on and succeed to your full potential. I also appreciate the fact I still get to enjoy being out and about most days, still working with customers, helping them find solutions and not sat in the office nibbling on a pencil!

I am also grateful for the team that started with me and have grown with me into various roles within the company, including our very own managing director, Matthew Aldridge.

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