Top 12 Translation Agencies

Top 12 Translation Agencies

When it comes to business services such as translations, finding the biggest firm with the cheapest price may not always be the best practice.

Partnering with a suitable translations company should be a venture into finding the right fit for you, your project, your industry and your ethos!

Searching for the ‘best translation company’ will give you some great suggestions, but are they the perfect fit?

There are a variety of factors you must consider when choosing your translations service which exclude the price!

(These are based off research and off the opinions and information found online.)


Are they trustworthy?

At the end of the day, a service is only as good as those completing it. The issue arises when every agency claims they provide the best translations services. So who do you believe?

The easiest way to check their credibility is by checking their Google Reviews and TrustPilot. Also, any good company should display their case studies on their website!

Do they provide high quality translations?

If the reviews aren’t clear around the quality of the translation itself, and they talk about other aspects of their experience then here’s a trick;

If your project has a significant word count, a translation agency should be happy to give you a small sample translation for free to display the quality of their work.

Do they use ethical practices?

A decent translation company should be aware of the exploitative nature around the use of translators, in which late / underpayments are made for such valuable work.

Take the time to see if they provide information regarding their practices!

Having a business that cares will reflect in their working relationship with you, as they understand that in the service industry, money exchanging hands is not the only important aspect.

Do they deliver projects on time with good communication?

When companies take on your project, a time frame should be discussed and given on the delivery of the translation.

The agency should also be transparent in its communications, so that both parties know what to expect. Use the reviews as a resource to find out whether they keep their word on these aspects.

If a time frame is not mentioned then this is a red flag!

Here’s our top 12 Translations Agencies

  1. has been operating for over 20 years now and has dealt with around 253,231 clients, in 194 languages, in 40 areas of expertise.

  1. Global Translations UK (Manchester & London)

Global Translations UK are a youthful team, bringing vibrance to a very old market. With fresh ideas, they understand the importance of results driven translations in the modern age of technology.

  1. Tomedes

Tomedes aims to meet the translation needs of businesses and to close the quality gap.

They have since grown massively with a 97% client satisfaction rate.

This wouldn’t have been possible without their large network of translators, that can offer translations in 120 different languages.

Not only have they outstanding reviews, they are also members of the American Translators Association!

  1. Espresso Translations

Espresso Translations are a fast-growing London based translations agency. They are a customer driven company that promise reliable, accurate and affordable translations. Founded in 2011, it is one of the newer translation agencies on the market!

They have continued to grow, and now boast a network of over 2000 translators, offering translations in over 150 language combinations.

  1. Absolute Translations (London)

Absolute Translations are quite the corporate agency, with a large employee base. They have been around since 2001, so know their way around the Translations Market!

They provide translations in over 200 tongues, which is impressive.

Absolute translations were recognised for their good work in 2012 and gained membership of Goldman Sachs 10KSB!

  1. RWS Group

RWS Group was founded in 1958, making it one of the oldest translation companies around. They have an impressive global network of 7,500+ people, which they claim consists of many industry experts.

One of their slogans and commitment is to “Making Global Connection a Reality.” They have stated that their clients include 90 of the world’s top 100 brands, the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and 19 of the top 20 patent filers.

In 2015 RWS Group won the Queens Award for Enterprise! One of the highest accolades for business success.

  1. Global Voices

Global Voices has been around since 2004, an experienced business to say the least. They hold a network of over 9000 translators, spreading over 150 languages.

  1. Talking Heads (Sheffield)

Talking Heads are another great agency, over 20 years old! Their message is clear, they are passionate about creating multilingual content, tailored for your sector.

It’s not clear from their website exactly how many languages they have available for translation, however they do boast a network of over 11,000 linguists worldwide.

They have received recognition from ATC UK Language Services Market Survey, whom named them as the 3rd fastest growing language service provider in the UK.

This is another large Translations Agency who have been around for a long time!

  1. The Translation People (Manchester)

The Translation People have been in business for 42 years! They have a wealth of experience, and hold down 9 different offices across Europe and the United States.

  1. LanguageLine

LanguageLine UK is a thriving translation and interpretation agency, that aims to reduce the limitations felt by a continuously diversifying world.

They boast a 98% client retention rate, translating over 200 languages, through their network of 12,000 linguists. Impressive!

  1. Lionbridge

Lionbridge Translations takes claim to being one of the oldest and most certified in the game! Having their 25th anniversary this year, with continual success is impressive in itself.

  1. Mars Translations

Mars Translations are one of the leading international translations platforms. Starting in 2012, Mars Translations have put their stamp on the market. They offer translations in over 150 languages, and they have a pool of over 5000 translators worldwide.

This company is on the corporate end of the translation agency spectrum, delivering high quantities of translations at a vast rate.

Their mission is to act more as an online portal that will connect those in need of translations with those capable of providing them

This is a great option if you need a cheap, quick translation.

For more information on  Top 12 Translation Agencies  talk to  Global Translations UK

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