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Designer Burners and bowls
The Crescent Burners are our exclusive Designer's pieces. They are made from high glossy finish ceramic. A stainless steel round container is fitted in the middle of each burner, giving a large flame that is decoratively surrounded by burner's wings. The flame reflects beautifully in the Crescent's wings making a stunning feature and attracting instant attention with its hypnotic charm. CRESCENT BURNER WILL MAKE A PERFECT GIFT! For outdoor and indoor use. Included: - round stainless-steel gel container - ceramic lid-extinguishing tool - instructions - FREE 1L bottle of PURE Gel Fuel (introductory offer) Dimensions: Large - 37H x 30W x 20D cm Heat output guidance: Large - approx 1KW Fuel intake: Large - approx 1/8 of a 1L bottle per refill Note: be careful not to overfill Crescent burners with the gel fuel, if it happens, DO NOT light the burner before wiping (use water if necessary) all the excessive fuel from around the container and the burner itself.

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