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Contemporary Fireplaces
Our company was founded in 2002 as Gel Fireplaces Ltd and was a direct answer to an increasing demand for design-conscious, cost-effective and green solutions within the fireplace industry. Following the USA-born idea of gel fires we launched a new line of products, providing British customers with a great selection of models which correspond to our vision of the living space. Fire without a chimney Fireplaces for centuries have created the focal point of any room, producing warmth encouraging household members to gather around a hypnotic and seductive fire, enjoying valuable shared family time. Over time fashion has changed and modern tastes together with care for our environment have ebony-flame-with-flamepushed people to look for alternative solutions. Although there is nothing more romantic than snuggling up with a loved one in front of the fire, modern new built homes or metropolitan conversions often lack the all important flue. This is where bio fireplaces find their admirers.

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