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Conservatory Fires
Glass Cube Burner will instantly light up your fireplace, conservatory or dining table! Our new product, introduced on Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs 2010 has been extremely popular - due to general demand we are making it a part of our regular range. Perfect for existing empty fireplaces, conservatories, gardens, patios, terraces and balconies. The base of the burner is made of metal, the walls are made of clear glass panels which not only protects the flame from the wind but also lets you watch the beautiful flame safely. The burner produces large rich orange flame which swirls inside the glass walls and makes a wonderful focal point both during the daylight and in the evenings. Dimensions: 24,5cm x 28cm x 21 cm / 2,8kg Included in the packaging: - decorative stones - extinguishing tool - steel fuel container - 1 x FREE Bottle of BIO ETHANOL FUEL Fuel suitable: Gel Fuel, Bio Ethanol

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