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Capri Flame
Compact modern fireplace with a large glass panel in front attached to the back with stainless steel long bolts. Capri Flame can easily be used as a freestanding fire (eg. inside existing empty fireplace). With its edgy and vaguely industrial construction, so simple but so effective, when thoughtfully placed, Capri Flame can give your interior this particular design 'twist'. When matching it to a bit more traditional space, the timeless combination of black, stainless steel and glass will fit in perfectly. Minimalistic design and fantastic flame view from all angles make Capri Flame a beautiful focal point in both, small and large interiors. Made of powder coated steel, tempered glass and brushed stainless steel, has a 1.3 L Bio Ethanol container with Fragrance Diffuser on the lid and adjustable flame/heat feature. Included: - screws for mounting - a funnel to fill the container with the bio fuel - instructions - a lid-extinguishing tool with Fragrance Diffuser Optional Accessories: - Aura Bio Fireplace Fragrance Oil (i.e. real log fire fragrance: Blazing Wood Fire) - Stones - Black Diamond Rock - Glowing Fibre

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