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Is your heating budget going up in smoke?
IS YOUR HEATING BUDGET GOING UP IN SMOKE? The one thing we can always find to grumble about is the weather, particularly as we come out of another long and dreary winter. This winter, as you sat indoors and watched the rain, you probably found yourself wondering about your home heating, particularly as the so-called Big Six energy companies were, once again, under scrutiny for their pricing structures and tariffs. A traditional open fire, or a gas fire that mimics actual burning can be lovely and cosy. But have you ever stopped to consider that in most cases, the majority (60–85%) of the heat produced actually flies away up the chimney and you derive no benefit from it at all? It isn't just heat flying away up the chimney, it's your money. This is an issue that householders are beginning to take very seriously. Compare gas and bio fires: heat efficiency diagram However, there is a form of home heating that is 100% efficient. All the heat it produces goes directly into your living space. Bio Fires, which burn Bio Ethanol, are a stylish and efficient option for heating your home. And if you think that Bio Fires only come in modern styles that might not fit in with your décor, think again. There are lots of more traditional designs that will look perfectly at home in your restored or refurbished fireplace and be in keeping with the character of your living space. A Bio Fire burns with a real flame, and the fires themselves range from small table-top pieces to wall or grate-mounted units that look fantastic and also warm the room. A Bio Fire is a real flame that burns a fuel derived directly from a renewable source. Agricultural food waste is treated with chemical enzymes to produce sugar, which is then turned into ethanol by micro-organisms. This is similar to the fermentation process used by the brewing and distilling industries. You don't need a chimney or electrical power and a Bio Fire does not have to be installed by a qualified fitter. How do they work? A Bio Fire is a free-standing unit that houses a container of Bio Ethanol. When lit, this burns with a warm flame that gives off no smoke and next to no smell – in fact, you can buy oils to add to the fuel to give your home a lovely, homely fragrance. Bio Fires require very little maintenance, unlike traditional fires, and you buy your fuel on an 'as you need it' basis, maybe even to supplement your existing heating system. A Bio Fire can rest on any flat surface or be wall-mounted. It does produce a real flame, so some forethought would need to be given to positioning, but that said, the unit can be placed more or less anywhere and will provide a uniquely modern, eye-catching talking point wherever you put it. You an also add accessories to your Bio Fire for that extra decorative effect. The range of designs available now is astonishing, so if you are refurbishing or renovating, or simply thinking about how best to combine style and comfort in your living space, a Bio Fire could be the answer, particularly if you're looking for a replacement for a traditional fire. And best of all, you'll enjoy the extra warm glow of knowing that 100% of the heat produced is going into your room, not up the draughty old chimney.

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