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DIY bio fire that smells like a log fire..? Yes!
Aura Oil is our new best-seller: no wonder! The sophisticated and realistic woody aroma when you burn one of our bio or gel fires and use the oil and look at the dancing flame.... It simply cannot be put into words. Do you know the lovely "Feu de Bois" Diptyque candle...? The one that makes your friends sigh deeply when they enter your house for a dinner party in a cold winter evening and the cosy aroma is literally melting them....? Well, we have something just like that - except that our Blazing Wood Fire bio fires fragrance oil can be used together with our Bio or Gel fireplaces, which makes the impression so much more realistic and beautiful. A real fire which smells like a real fire. That's what we can give you. What else do you need for those long and chilly winter nights...? Ok... a cosy blanket and a mug of mulled wine is at your own discretion :-)

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