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Electric fire to bin!
So.... why not to make a fireplace where so far you only had an empty wall...? Or why not make use of your redundant fireplace or an empty hole in the wall where you've had this dubiously attractive candle-arrangement for far too many years ...? You can of course go to a gas showroom, get your existing chimney fixed or open the flue. You can go to a DIY store and look through a range of electric fireplaces, maybe there will be one which doesn't look all that bad and will kick off a little bit of extra heat, too. But you can also do a better thing - get yourself a bio fireplace - a real-flame-fireplace running on biofuel. There are many options, here we will only talk about one, but you can see many more designs of all-in-one fireplaces, electric fireplace alternatives or a small gel burners and gel bowls which will act as a good upgrade from candles and will still fit easily within your budget. See all the rest of products and look for inspiration at Back to empty fireplace or empty wall solution. Come to think about it - it costs a fair bit to get a fireplace working. Let's do some comparisons: - redundant chimney repair can cost you even £4000 (it depends on many factors but is never cheap) - buying a gas fireplace - can cost between £400-£3000 + installation cost and gas you are using - flueless gas fires can go for affordable prices of £400-£500 but the flame impression is gently speaking not the best... If you've ever dreamt of having a roaring, playful flame, you may drop the idea of having flueless gas fire before you get yourself into a depth of disappointment. Flueless fire will give you a flame like this: - electric fireplace may cost as little as £199 or £300, but as a result you are getting something that looks like that: image which is not exactly the most appealing look; the "fake flames" can put a lot of people off. Quite rightly to be honest, because you can use the same money to get a bio fireplace and your friends won't stop appreciating it. It's guaranteed. Full stop. READ ON by clicking on the blog link.

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