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Can a bio fire add value to your home?
House prices may be on the rise again but as a seller, you can still be sure that it is a ‘buyers' market. And while prices remain relatively low, those buyers can afford to be a bit more discerning about their choices – there is still a lot more home available for their money than there was before the slump. As a seller, you will want to be looking at all possible ways to make your house more attractive to potential buyers. Your fireplace can play a vital role in that first impression. It is the focal point of your living space, the warm heart of your home. It is usually the centrepiece of your family room too and the first place a visitor's eyes will wander to. You want to make sure that that first impression is of welcoming warmth and style. Fireplaces, of course, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, depending on the age of your house and the purpose for which they were originally installed. With the emphasis on the efficiency of home heating these days, it's unlikely that you are reliant on a traditional open fire to heat your home. In fact, open chimneys can be responsible for substantial heat loss in the winter. The prevalence of central heating often means that fireplaces no longer serve any useful purpose in a house these days and they are often blocked or removed. If you want to rediscover the homely magic of a real fire and have that as a feature in your home, the ideal answer is a Bio Fire. Not only are Bio Fires available in a fantastic range of contemporary and traditional designs, they are a real fire that will warm your room and don't need a draughty chimney for ventilation. They add a homely atmosphere to any room without any of the drawbacks of a traditional fire. They are clean and stylish, burn with a clean, real flame and while they are odourless, you can even add fragrance to the fuel to give your room a seasonal ambience. Bio Fires come in a range of sizes, from table top conversation pieces to full fireplaces. This gives you the opportunity to open up that discarded fireplace to make a feature in a room that was lacking one before or to add a visual feature to your room. Bio Fires are endlessly adaptable too. If you don't have a fireplace to open up and simply want to add character to any room, a Bio Fire can be free-standing or wall-mounted to add an eye-catching talking point that is also a practical and attractive way of heating your room. In a competitive marketplace, it is the attention to detail and the homeliness of your house that will sway a buyer. Bio Fires are modern and easy to maintain, they tell buyers that you have given thought to the aesthetic appeal and ambience of your home in a way that will make it stand out – which could be the difference it takes to help them make up their mind.

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