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Bio fire burner - customer review
A while back we were really surprised by one of our customers, Michael, who sent us a video review of a burner he purchased from us. He has bought our table top bio burner Cube II and created an ethusiastic video review! Michael normally reviews electronic equipment but when he bought his Cube (on a very good sale price - lucky!) he liked it so much that he spend his time and energy sharing his thought with others! We were delighted to see it and hear his positive comments and thoughts, we have then rewarded him with another burner and got another brilliant review! The second table top burner, Bow, showed beautifully on photographs as well, and Michael was very happy with the product. Many of our customers wonder: - are bio fires as good as they say? - how easy is it to set up a table bio fire? - how to fill it up and light table top burner? - how is a glass bio fire packed? Michael Thornber provides some answers to those and many more questions. The value of the unbiased, private and spontaneously shared opinion of a neutral customer, buying a product online as everybody else is huge!! We are very pleased. Have a look for yourself:

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