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2 Post Lifts: Based, Clear Floor or H Frame?

When considering which type of 2 post lift to install into your workshop there are a few things to take into account such as budget, available headroom and the types of work likely to be undertaken.


2 post lifts are a highly versatile solution as they allow access to a wide range of vehicle components such as steering, suspension, exhaust, clutch, gearbox and even complete engine removal, however not all 2 post lifts are practical to perform all of the tasks that may be required of them so which one should you choose.


Based 2 Post Lift Pros and Cons

Two-post baseplate lifts are relatively easy to install.

They require an even floor and a solid concrete base that is a minimum of 6 inches thick to ensure that the lift is anchored correctly to the floor.

Baseplate lifts do not have any overhead obstruction as they are connected together at floor level.

A based 2 post lift can accommodate hi top vehicles with bed caps, light bars, roof racks, and other roof-mounted features.

Budget friendly.

Can easily fit into workshops with limited ceiling height.

4 Tonne model is suited to passenger vehicles and short wheel base light commercial vehicles, for long wheel base commercial vehicles we would recommend that you choose a five tonne version with three stage telescopic arms for correct positioning on the vehicles lifting points.

Not great for removing heavy components as the baseplate can often obstruct the use of transmission and axle stands.

Possible trip hazard for auto technicians whilst looking up at the vehicles underside.

Clear Floor 2 Post Lift Pros and Cons

Eliminates the risk of personal injury to auto technicians by allowing a clear unobstructed workspace.

Simplifies the removal of heavy and unwieldy components such as engines, gearboxes and axles.

Increased rigidity and stability brought by the added strength and support of the overhead cross member.

A clear floor 2 post lift affords the use complete flexibility to carry out a complete range of servicing and repair works on a wide range of vehicles.

Available in 4 and 5 tonne versions.

5 tonne model can accommodate long wheel base hi top commercial vehicles.

Requires up to 5 metres of available workshop height.

More costly to purchase and install.

H Frame Versions

Full based 2 post lifts also known as H Frame are the ideal solution to inadequate depth of concrete, if during your installation our engineers deem the depth and quality of the floor to be insufficient then they will not proceed with the installation due to safety concerns and would recommend that you fit a H Frame version. You should always confirm that the floor on which the lift is to be installed is of sufficient depth by drilling a test hole prior to arranging your installation as this can often save you time and money.


2 Post Lifts: How They Work

A 2 post lift has four adjustable arms attached to a carriage assembly, two hydraulic cylinders, an electric or hydraulic power unit, and a variety of hoses, pulleys, and cables.


They feature a powerful hydraulics system that raises and lowers the lift and high-strength steel cables that ensure that the lifting arms remain perfectly balanced during use.


The electric drive motor and the hydraulic pump are located fixed on one of the columns often referred to as the master column and deliver hydraulic fluid to the other column also known as the slave column.


Final Words: Making a Choice

Now that you know the differences between a baseplate lift and a clear floor lift, you can choose the model that best suits your garage needs and requirements. If you’re planning to purchase a new 2 post lift for your garage workshop Garage Equipment Online provides all of the equipment you will ever need.


Get in touch on +44 (0)151 601 4945 to see how we can help or shop today!


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