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11 Things to Consider when Deciding on a Tyre Changer

The process of changing a tyre is a relatively straightforward job, you can train a person to become a competent tyre fitter in as little as one day. However, ensuring that you have purchased the correct equipment for the job requires more thought and planning as the many varied size and type of tyre will require a tyre machine that is suited to the purpose for which it is intended. Here are some things to consider when picking a tyre changer:


1) Think about the Durability of the Tyre Changer’s Breaker Blade

One of the most used parts of a tyre changer is the Breaker Blade. It goes through a lot of stress and tension. Therefore, picking a high-quality Breaker Blade will ensure your tyre changer has a longer life span. A general rule of thumb is to look at the size and heft of the tyre changer. This is a great way to judge the durability of the system.


2) Consider the size of Turntable

When purchasing a tyre machine, you should consider the range of rim sizes you are likely to be working on, many standard tyre machines will feature a 24” turntable that will easily accommodate most passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, for larger vehicles such as trucks and buses you will generally require a tyre machine with a 26” turntable for heavy plant machinery such as diggers and earth movers you will require a tyre machine that accommodates up to 56 inch rims


3) Look for Tyre Changer with an Assist Arm Option

Most tyre machines can change tyres with relative ease; however, tyres that require press points such as low profile and run flats will need a machine with an Assist Arm. To ensure that you can change the tyres on a wide range of vehicles It’s usually best to invest in a system with this versatility. Therefore, choose a tyre changer that comes complete with this option. If your budget cannot stretch that far ensure that you buy a model that can be retrofitted with an assist arm later.


4) Choose a Tyre Changer with Alloy Wheel Protection

The last thing any self-respecting tyre fitting service wants is to damage a customers rims as these can be costly to repair and will leave a negative impression of your business on customers, in order to ensure that you do not damage rims when changing a tyre you should choose a tyre machine that comes complete with an alloy wheel protection system this usually comes in the form of nylon protectors that fit snugly into the tyre machines de-mount head, the nylon protectors are a consumable part that will require periodic replacement but cost no more than a few pounds.


5) Think about the Power of Your Tyre Changer

Ideally, you want a tyre changer that is powerful as modern tyres often require more torque to change them.


6) Check If the Tyre Changer System Has Maintenance Components

When choosing a tyre machine, you want a tyre changer that has some components that look after the system such as lubricators and regulators. Also, look for systems with air filtering components as this helps prolong the life of your tyre changer.


7) Look for Manufacturers That Offer Video Training on the System

All tyre changers are different and have unique ways of being operated. Although most of the time a user manual will be enough, sometimes it is much more helpful when the manufacturer offers training or a video guide that clearly demonstrates the machines capabilities.


8) Think about the Warranty of the Tyre Changer

A tyre machine is one of the most utilized pieces of garage equipment in your workshop and as such the demands that are placed upon components are considerable as some parts will wear faster than others. You should choose a manufacturer that offers a long warranty period as this is a good sign that they are confident in their product.


9) Check If There Is After Sales Service from the Manufacturer

If any issues should arise with your tyre changer, you want to be able to contact the manufacturer and resolve it quickly and effectively. High-quality brands will offer good customer and after-sales service.


10) Decide If You Want an Automatic or Semi-Automatic System

When picking a tyre changer, there are many types and models to choose from. The two most popular are automatic and semi-automatic. Think about whether you want the machine to do all the work, or just help with the harder aspects of the job. There are advantages to both types of tyre changers, but it will be down to you to pick which one suits your needs. You need to take into consideration the abilities of each system. For example. A semi-automatic takes 30 seconds longer to set up than an automatic. Therefore, if saving time is important, consider going automatic.


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