Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Wallcoverings

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Wallcoverings

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Wallcoverings TEXTURED WALLCOVERINGS GET TOUGH

Glass Textile Wallcoverings are Stylish Hard-wearing, Healthy and Safe...

Glasstex Wallcoverings owe their popularity to the extreme versatility of the material, the attractive pattern textures, unlimited colour schemes and virtually unbeatable hard wearing durability.

You will find Glasstex Wallcoverings used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, banks, courthouses, art galleries, museums, shops, schools, clinics and many more commercial office locations throughout Europe.

Innovation in Interior Decorating...

Leading international architects and interior specifiers have discovered that Glasstex is extremely versatile and provides a great deal of scope for designers. A broad range of different textures form the background, and by choosing fine linen, course twisted or fluffy yarns you can achieve subtle or more rustic effects. Creative freedom is further enhanced by combining fabrics and patterns, and this is all before you add colour, opaque or transparent finishing techniques. This wallcovering satisfies your every colour wish, while the unique textile structure of Glasstex stays intact.

Don't stop your design at the door...

With Glasstex Wallcoverings it makes no difference whether the surfaces are made of wood, metal or plastic you can apply Glasstex so it achieves quite distinctive effects. On door panels, cabinets and room dividers, Glasstex achieves surprising visual effects, opening up intriguing opportunities for the interior designer who wants to see his colour scheme unrestricted by surfaces of different types.

Cover for all surfaces...

Concrete, plastered masonry, gypsum board and wood-chip board can be covered perfectly. In older buildings with different surfaces, Glasstex Wallcoverings achieves structural and colour uniformity of all areas. Glasstex Wallcoverings covers cracks in the wall, and generally adds strength to any surface it is applied to. Hard-wearing, healthy and safe, ideal for hygiene applications... Made from natural non toxic materials like quartzs and, soda, lime and dolomite. Glasstex Wallcoverings do not provide a breeding ground for parasites such as mites etc.

There is practically no build up of static electricity so several key causes of allergies are radically reduced.

With the correct covering of paint, Glasstex Wallcovering is resistant to moisture, mould and mildew.

The open-pore textile structure encourages natural moisture vapour diffusion, helping to ensure a healthy room climate.

Working with Glasstex is clean and simple. No unpleasant dust and dirt is generated in its application.

Depending on the type of coating materials selected, Glasstex is rendered dirt-resistant, scrub proof, disinfectable or decontaminateable.

Non flammable

Glasstex Wallcovering can play an important role in fire safety by preventing spread of flames on the surface of most conventional building materials. Painted Glasstex surfaces prevent flames from spreading horizontally along rooms or corridor walls and equally important resists flames spreading vertically into ceiling spaces.

Glasstex Wallcoverings meet the most stringent international wallcovering fire regulations and conforms to BS476 part 6 fire propagation and part 7 class1 surface spread of flames, which combines to give Glasstex Wallcoverings a class "0" certification.

Easy to hang and paint

Hanging Glasstex Wallcovering presents no problem for the professional painters and decorators. Surfaces must first be treated so that they are clean, smooth and even. The adhesive is applied to the surface wall allowing for a firm fix. Next the chosen colour is applied with a roller.

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