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Ecdysis Studio

Do you have a tattoo you’re not happy with, and do you think it’s too late to get rid of it?

It is easy to be unhappy with your skin art once the novelty wears off. Tattoos are permanent after all! And while they may look great on others, what if they don’t suit you? At Ecdysis we offer laser tattoo removal services in order to help our clients remove unwanted tattoos or cover up older pieces that no longer reflect their current selves. We also provide free consultations for people looking for new ink!

Our talented artists can work with you as part of an open consultation process to create a custom design that will complement your body and personality. Whether you are getting your first tattoo or covering up an old one, Ecdysis has got you covered!

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Ecdysis Studio

  • 55 Timber Bush
  • Leith
  • Edinburgh
  • EH6 6PR

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