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Ametek ITC-155 Industrial Temperature Calibrator
Please Note: The Jofra ITC range of Industrial Temperature Calibrators are now obsolete. Please view the CTC range as an alternative.The JOFRA ITC series is the mid-range dry-block calibrator model offered by AMETEK. The design basis for the ITC series is portability and ease-of-use supplied at a reasonable cost without sacrificing accuracy, performance, and features. The specialised block design increases the temperature homogeneity in the critical calibration zone. It also minimises the need to insulate the sensors-under-test and makes it possible to calibrate liquid-filled and other mechanical sensors.The ITC-155 employs the slim and rugged design of the CTC series. This series also features the intuitive user interface, the clear LCD display, and the functionality that is used in the successful CTC series. However, the ITC-650 is designed with the state-of-the-art dual-zone heating block and MVI circuitry that has been adopted from the ATC series. The MVI circuitry ensures stable temperatures even when the mains supply is unstable.The model ITC-155 features improved Peltier elements that employ a ’’Multi-Stage Technology’’. This both improves efficiency and extends the useful life of the heating/cooling block.FEATURESDual Heat Zone Stability Technology. Multi-hole Interchangeable insertion tubes. Automatic switch test. Multi information display. Safty banana bushings. Timed Stable Auto stepping. Stability indicator. Count down timer (shows when unit is stable). Programmable maximum temperature. Fast simulation/training mode. Re-calibration from keyboard.Ametek Jofra ITC-155 Specifications:Temperature range: -23 to 155°C (-9 to 311°F).Voltage: 115V(90-127) / 230V(180-254).Frequency: 50 Hz +5, 60 Hz +5.Power consumption (max): 150 VA.Resolution (user-selectable): 1° or 0.1° (all temperatures).Stability: +0.01°C / +0.02°F.Time to stability (approximate): 10 mins.Accuracy: +0.18°C / +0.32°F.Immersion depth: 160 mm / 6.30 in.Well diameter: 20 mm / 0.79 in.Heating time: -20 to 23°C / -4 to 73°F - 4 minutes, 23 to 155°C / 73 to 311°F - 14 minutes, -20 to 155°C / -4 to 311°F - 18 minutes.Cooloing: 155 to 100°C / 311 to 212°F - 4 mins, 155 to 23°C / 311 to 73°F - 14 mins, 23 to -20°C / 73 to -4°F - 23 mins, 155 to -20°C / 311 to -4°F - 37 mins.Serial data interface: RS232 (9-pin Male).Protection class: IP-10.Dimensions (L x W x H): 241 x 139 x 375 mm / 9.5 x 5.5 x 14.8 in.Weight: 7.6 kg / 16.8 lb.Jofra ITC155 warranty: 1year.

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