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Ametek ETC-400R Easy Temperature Calibrator
The ETC-400-R is designed for optimum speed in connection with calibration of infrared thermometers. The 36 mm target provides the optimum size for reliable calibration of infrared thermometers in the process industry as it is designed for high accuracy and long-term stability while maintaining speed. With regard to the coating of the target it has been especially designed for space technology applications, which secure long time performance under high temperature influence. In combination with the shape of the target it ensures the emissivity of 0.96. As an extra feature the ETC-400 R will be delivered with a small mathematical program, which will constitute a powerful tool together with the calibrator. The program enables you to calculate at which temperatures you need to calibrate, if your IR thermometer is either locked to a fixed emission factor or if you just want to calibrate your thermometer at a certain emission factor. The program facilitates the whole issue of correcting settings of emission factors and temperatures. The ETC-400 R is delivered with a carrying case as standard because it is important to keep dust away from the surface of the target on the ETC-400 R. The reason being that a clean surface is important to keep the emissivity and thereby the accuracy. The carrying case is optional for ETC-400 A and ETC-125 A. NOTE: All ETC400 calibrators are with fixed inserts. They can NOT be changed. ETC SERIES FEATURES Temperature range from -10 to 400°C (14 to 752°F) with 3 models. Accuracy to + 0.5°C and Stability to + 0.05°C. Time saving fast cooling and heating times. Easy-to-read multi-information display. Customizable stability checkmark with countdown timer. Set exact temperature desired to a resolution of 0.1°C. ETC 400R, small lightweight IR calibrator. Lightweight and easy to carry. Ametek Jofra ETC-400R Specifications Temperature range @ ambient temp. 23°C / 73°F Range 28 to 400°C / 82 to 752°F@ 23°C. Resolution Selectable 1° or 0.1°. Heating Time 28 to 200°C / 82 to 392°F 200 to 400°C / 392 to 752°F 2 minutes 3 minutes. Cooling Time 400 to 200°C / 752 to 392°F 200 to 50°C / 392 to 122°F 9 minutes 24 minutes. Stability +0.3°C / +0.54°F. Measured after the stability indicator has been on for 10 minutes. Measuring time is 30 minutes. Time to stability 3 minutes (approximate). Accuracy ETC-400 R incl. emissivity +0.5°C / +0.9°F. +0.4% rdg +1°C / +0.4% rdg. +1.8°F. General Specifications Immersion depth 105 mm / 4.1 in. Voltage AC 115V (90-132) and 230V (180-264). Frequency 45 - 65 Hz. Power consumption (max.) 350 W. Serial data interface RS232. Operating temperature 0 to 40°C / 32 to 104°F. Storage temperature -20 to 50oC / -4 to 122°F. Humidity 0 to 90% RH. Protection class IP10. DNV Marine Approval, Certificate no A-10384. Dimensions (L x W x H) 172 x 72 x 182 mm / 6.8 x 2.8 x 7.2 in. Weight 1.7 kg / 3.7 lb. Ametek ETC-400R warranty Two-years.

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