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ALL-TEST Pro MD III Assembly
Easy to use, hand-held instruments bring versatility to your PdM program. Use them both for incoming inspection of new or repaired motors and for troubleshooting motor systems that have quit running. The All-Test Pro MD III™ Motor testing Assembly combines the power of de-energized Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) for early winding fault detection and trending with the analytical power of energised Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) for evaluating the entire motor system - all in a portable, convenient package. FEATURES Combine the power of Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA™) and the Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) to evaluate and trend your entire motor system. Auto diagnosis within instrument providing an immediate health status report. Route-based testing and trending - ideal for Predictive Maintenance. Reports provide indication of early winding faults, rotor problems, incoming power issues, electrical and mechanical motor condition and driven load mechanical condition. RELIABILITY TESTING, COMMISSIONING & TROUBLESHOOTING APPLICATIONS AC/DC Motors: Low, Medium and High Voltage. Generators. VFD Applications. Machine Tool Motors. Transformers. Traction Motors. Gearboxes. Pumps, Fans and other Rotating Equipment.All-Test Pro MD III™ System Features ChartMOTOR TESTINGPower QualityControlsConnectionsCablesStator Elec.Stator Mech.RotorAir GapInsulationBearingsAlignmentLoadDrivesDe-Energised (MCA)-XXXXXXXX----Energised (ESA)XXL-LXXX-LXXLMDIIIXXXXXXXXXLXXLX indicates that an early fault can be detected and trended for condition-based and predictive maintenance purposes. L indicates a fault can be detected, but not at its earliest stage. While ESA can detect mechanical faults such as bearing failures, we do not suggest that it replace a vibration testing program. All-Test Pro 5 The ALL-TEST PRO 5™ tests all types of motors, including induction, synchronous, AC, DC, brushless DC, servo and wound rotors, as well as single phase motors. The health of all motor components is evaluated, including, but not limited to: induction windings and rotors; DC field windings and armatures; and field and rotor coils in synchronous motors. Single and 3-phase transformers, pole and pad mounted, are also ideal candidates for evaluation with the portable, lightweight AT5™. Single and 3-phase transformers, pole and pad mounted, are also ideal candidates for evaluation with the portable, lightweight AT5™. With a memory storage capacity for more than 650 tests, the ALL-TEST PRO 5™ has specific motor trending data accessible at the touch of a button. Test results are easily uploaded to your computer and our MCA Basic™ software provides expert diagnosis, trending, and a wide variety of printed or on-screen reports. Software is available for individual or group users. FEATURESComplete stator & rotor analysis - detect Early faults in AC & DC motors, transformers and generators. Auto diagnosis within instrument - immediate health status report. Route-based testing and trending - ideal for predictive maintenance. Tests can be performed from distances of more than 1,000 feet away. Menu driven with on-screen prompts. Report shows bad connections, winding & turn faults, air gap, broken bar, contamination and ground faults. Battery-powered, hand-held and weighing less than 2 lbs.All-Test Pro 31 In a healthy 3-phase motor, the windings are electrically “balanced”. These balanced electrical characteristics include passive properties, such as resistance, and active properties, such as inductive reactance and impedance. As faults develop, one or more of these electrical properties will change, depending on the type and magnitude of the fault. ALL-TEST PRO® 31 is unique in that it performs a series of impedance-based tests, (phase angle, impedance, and a current / frequency ratio) on each winding. These measurements and their balance across the three phases provide a clear picture of the condition of the motor circuit. This test and analysis method will quickly indicate the presence of a fault, even at its earliest stages. The tests are preformed at low AC voltages, so there is no stress to the windings. WHAT YOU WILL FIND WITH THE AT PRO 31Turn to turn & coil to coil faults. Contaminated windings; grease, dirt & liquids. Phase Unbalance; Z-unbalance = higher electrical bill & shorter motor life. Open windings; no conductivity. Rotor faults; broken bars, air-gaps, casting voids, etc*. Insulation to ground faults; Choose 500 or 1000 volt test, read to 500 Meg-ohm. EMI numbers in mV shows whether readings are reliable, or not.All-Test Pro On-Line II The ATPOLII™ (ALL-TEST PRO On-LineII™) tester is the most complete Energised Motor and Power Diagnostic instrument available today - all in a hand-held, lightweight instrument. No need to carry a PC or other heavy equipment in the field, the ATPOL II™ fits in a small pouch, which can be slung over the shoulder or carried in a tool belt. The ATPOL II offers many Software and Data Analysis Advantages, including key determinations that are made automatically, including: Line Frequency, Running Speed and Pole Pass Frequency. Software automatically looks for patterns related to Stator Slot and Rotor Bar fault frequencies. Automatic detection of Static or Dynamic eccentricity faults. Evaluation of Incoming Power, including Harmonics. Calculates Efficiency for ACInduction & DCMotors. Power Analysis includes Sag/Swell and Transient Detection plus Energy Consumption Data Logging. The ATPOLII delivers superior AC diagnostics for the evaluation of the health of the Stator Electrically and Mechanically, Rotor, Air Gap, and evaluates the entire driven load (belted, geared, bladed, etc). The instrument also provides excellent Diagnostics for DC motors, Generators and Transformers.Why Test Motors? Because Motors Fail!

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