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Alber CRT-400 Cellcorder Battery Tester
The Cellcorder CRT-400 cell resistance tester displays and records cell float voltage, internal cell resistance, and intercell connection resistance. A compatible hydrometer lets you transfer specific gravity and temperature data using the IR port. The Cellcorder CRT-400 at a glance is lightweight, rugged and durable. The CRT-400 Cell Resistance Tester is specially designed to strictly comply with IEEE standards for testing batteries. When a battery is tested, the measurements are affected by several factors: Online tests are subject to ripple (AC noise) from the charger or inverters. Batteries have a natural capacitance that will influence the accuracy of the readings. The size of the test current directly relates to the accuracy of the measurement. With Alber’s patented technology, the Cellcorder’s DC resistance test is not influenced by these factors. The Cellcorder reads single cells and multicell modules, and displays and records cell float voltage, internal cell resistance, and intercell connection resistance. A compatible hydrometer can transfer specific gravity and temperature. The self-contained CRT-400 Cellcorder is comprised of a microprocessor, load resistor, display, and rechargeable battery. Voltmeter probes and a three clip resistance set are provided; optional test leads are available. The CRT-400 functions well even in high noise environments, without the need to disconnect the battery from service. A 60 amp DC load (on 2V cells) is used to calculate internal cell resistance and intercell resistance. Circuitry rejects the 50Hz/60Hz ripple and associated harmonics often troublesome to AC-based impedance and conductance meters. BAS Software The Battery Analysis Software helps you identify bad cells, generate descriptive reports and archive data. Measurements are stored and presented to allow trending. This makes it possible to detect early performance degradation in individual battery cells. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Reads single cells and multicell modules. Displays and records: cell float voltage, internal cell resistance and intercell connection resistance. Automatically selects the correct voltage range, load resistor, and test time. Reliable readings even in the noisiest environments. Measures the voltage applied during full float operation. USB Flash drive for easy data transfer and storage. Built in report generator creates tabular or graphical reports. Designed for use in all industries. CRT-400 Cell Resistance Tester Specifications CRT-400 Specifications (Specifications subject to change without notice.) Physical Dimensions H 305 mm (12") x W 178 mm (7") x D 76 mm (3"). Weight 1.5 Kg (3.4lb). Keypad Rubber keys with polyurethane coating. Display Type LCD - STN Reflective. Viewing Area 2.619" x 1.309". Resolution Graphics LCD 128 x 64. Viewing Angle 40°. Backlight White LED. Memory Type USB. Storage Capability 1 MB per 71 strings with 256 cells. Data Retention 10 years. Communication Infrared PC Interface for data transfer Physical IrDA compliant for printer interface. Battery Type 4 cell - 8800 mAh lithium ion. Voltage 4.2 V. Charge Time 8 hrs. AC Adapter Input Voltage 90 - 264 V AC. Output Voltage 5 V DC. Output Current 4.0 Amps. Frequency 47 - 63 HZ. Miscellaneous Operating Temperature 0?C - 40?C (32?F - 104?F). Storage Temperature -29?C - 60?C (-20?F - 140?F); For extended periods <25?C (<77?F). Humidity Range 0% to 80% RH (noncondensing) at 0?C - 31?C; 0% to 50% RH (non-condensing) at 32?C - 40?C. Insulation Category II Pollution Degree 2 Altitude 0 to 2000 meters above sea level.

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